4-Year-Old Drives Me Crazy: What To Do

4 Year Old Drives Me Crazy: What To Do

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Is your 4-year-old driving you crazy? Keeping your calm when your child pisses you off is not an easy task. Learning how to control your emotions around your toddler when they are throwing tantrums is a necessity to avoid things from getting out of hand.

The truth is that kids will always be kids and they don’t exactly know how to act in most cases. So how do you handle a four-year-old that is almost driving you insane?

You might want to learn how to redirect your child’s behavior, by teaching them self-control as this will help curtail their misbehaviors and regulate the peace you wish for. However, you should also consider working on yourself and making self-care your priority. 

You shouldn’t feel guilty about feeling fed up with your child’s behaviors, it happens to almost every parent. When I had similar issues I felt like running away but that’s my kid and there’s no backing out now. Figuring out ways to help stay sane is your best bet.

In this article, you’ll be finding out what to do and how to help the situation.

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What To Do When Your 4-Year-Old Is Driving You Nuts

Kids are adorable, they give meaning to our lives and we love them more than anything in the world. But they can also drive you to the edge and make you lose it, it’s just typical for them. It could be worse when you work remotely and still have a 4-year-old to put up with. The following are useful tips for more promising parenting;

1. Keep Your Cool

In a scenario where you are trying to get an important job done and your 4-year-old is calling for you incessantly, we understand that it will be hard to remain calm. However, you should know that addressing your child in the heat of things will likely cause the situation to get ugly.

Take deep breaths, you can also pause the conversation for a later time or till whenever you feel you are in a better mood to respond. 

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2. Get Them Busy

What’s that funny thing your toddler likes to indulge in? It could be games, toys, or unlimited screen time, whichever your child might be greatly interested in. Allow them to have a good amount of time with it as this can distract them from getting on your nerves and gives you enough time to focus on other things. Although this is not the goal, just be sure to create a balance. 

3. Talk Things Out

4-year-olds are smart and you can have a conversation with your toddler about how mummy or daddy is feeling and of course do it calmly. You can also try to understand them by asking how they feel. Try to figure out the cause of the behavior. They might be having anxieties from recent incidents, sad, or just generally bored. This might give you a good reason not to be frustrated or upset with them. 

4. Teach Them Independence 

Your 4-year-old needs to learn how to self-soothe and how to be independent. You need to teach them how to entertain themselves by giving them new toys to play with. Also get them involved in little tasks like making their bed, choosing what outfits to wear, or allowing them to help around in the house. However, you should know when to say no and stand your ground even when they throw tantrums. 

5. Call For Help

If you are feeling too overwhelmed you can ask a friend or a family member for help. You can either decide to drop them off at granny’s place if it’s not far away or has them come over to your place. This will give you enough time to unwind and get your emotions in check. 

6. Prioritize Self-care

This helps a lot, so do not overlook taking care of yourself for granted because you can break down if you look after yourself. Find something that can help you relax amid these battles. If doing yoga or exercises is what does it for you then do not hesitate. However, other things like longer time in the shower, a bubble bath, book a massage, reading books, or anything that can relieve you of the stress you are going through. 


4 years olds can be challenging and a lot to deal with for parents, as this is the age toddlers usually go through the “phase”.

They are transitioning from being controlled to doing what they want to do. At this age, they begin to develop a mind of their own thus making you feel frustrated because they wouldn’t listen to a word you say.

However, there are steps you can take to properly handle the situation and they have been explained in this article. We hope you find them helpful.

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