Are Electric Toothbrushes Good For Toddlers?

Are Electric Toothbrushes Good For Toddlers

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As a parent, your priority is to provide your child with the best things, including the kinds of toothbrushes they use. Every toddler’s dental health is essential, which makes brushing a crucial daily practice. Oral care should begin as early as your child’s first tooth surfaces. And done judiciously and with utmost care.

Generally, dentists highly recommend electric toothbrushes for adults as they clean each tooth thoroughly without missing a spot. It makes brushing a little easier and is super effective.

The effectiveness of these electric toothbrushes can cause parents to consider whether or not to use them for their toddlers. Hence the question, are electric toothbrushes suitable for toddlers?

Yes, electric toothbrushes are good for toddlers just as much as they are suitable for adults. However, one thing to consider before using electric toothbrushes for your kid is your toddler’s age and if the electric toothbrush is brittle enough and suitable for kids.

When it comes to using an electric toothbrush, out of concern, a lot of parents are very skeptical about it. Luckily, this article contains all the information parents need to make the best decisions for their kids. Stick around.

Electric Toothbrush Vs. Manual Toothbrush: Which Is Better For Toddlers?

Electric toothbrushes and manual toothbrushes are both perfect and deciding which is better depends on your preference. Manual toothbrushes are very cost-effective when compared to electric kinds. You will not have to charge or change batteries. However, research has proven that electric toothbrushes are very effective and thorough as they clean each tooth one at a time.

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Depending on your toddler’s age, we recommend that parents should go for electric toothbrushes instead as it makes brushing less stressful and easy.

Just like how tasking it can sometimes be to cut their nails, some toddlers can give their parents a hard time when it is brush time. This is where electric brushes can come in handy, making them a lot more fun and exciting.  

The American Dental Association endorses both types of toothbrushes as they are both suitable for getting rid of oral plagues. That being said, below are tabular illustrations of both manual and electric toothbrushes.

Pros And Cons Of Electric Toothbrushes

Electric toothbrushes have built-in timersThey are quite pricey or expensive.
Remove oral plagues more effectivelyElectric toothbrushes create more mess.
It is safe for kids’ gum and teethFinding a suitable brush head for your toddler may be tasking when due for replacements.
Much more fun and exciting when compared to manual toothbrushes. They are less eco-friendly compared to manual toothbrushes.
They take your child’s oral care to a new level by improving his overall dental health. Your child may not like the vibrating stimulation it causes in their mouth.

Pros And Cons Of Manual Toothbrushes

Manual toothbrushes are very affordableIt can be a bit difficult to brush your toddler’s teeth with them.
They are easily accessible as you can find them in just about any store.There is a risk of brushing too hard and hurting the gums.
They are more eco-friendly.It is less convenient to use.

Is It Safe To Use Electric Toothbrushes For Toddlers?

Electric toothbrushes are very safe for your toddler’s delicate gum and teeth.

However, you have to ensure that you choose the right brush head that is best suitable for kids, also make sure that the brush is extremely brittle and soft. If the electric toothbrush isn’t the right size or style, it would give your kid a hard time so it is important that it fits your toddler’s mouth perfectly.

Electric toothbrushes are very effective and safe, you still need to make sure that you brush their teeth as gentle as possible. You don’t have to worry about electric toothbrushes being too harsh for toddlers as long as they are old enough to use them.

When can Toddlers Start Using Electric Toothbrushes?

From the age of 3 years, it is safe for toddlers to use electric toothbrushes. Electric toothbrushes make brushing time a fun time for kids, making them look forward to brushing every day.

Children below three years old will not be able to hold the brush properly and may easily get distracted. This is why it is best to wait for your toddler to reach the age of three before introducing them to electric brushes.

Be sure to supervise your toddler while they brush to ensure that it is done properly. The first time using an electric toothbrush for your toddler may seem scary and uncomfortable for them, but they will adjust with time. However, electric toothbrush manufacturers have made it much easier for kids to like them as they manufacture them in exciting colors that interest children.


Your toddler’s dental health is crucial, and using the right brush to keep their teeth healthy and clean is the first step to ensuring they have the best oral care. Electric toothbrushes are very effective for getting rid of oral plaque, and it provides convenience as well.

However, it is safer to introduce your toddler to them at age 3.

Although electric toothbrushes can effectively clean your toddler’s teeth, it won’t do a great job without parental supervision. Make sure also to get electric toothbrushes that fit and size for your toddler.

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