Baby Suddenly Refusing Pacifier: Here’s What To Do

Baby Suddenly Refusing Pacifier

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Wondering what to do when your baby suddenly refuses the pacifier? Although it can be frustrating when babies all of sudden begin to reject their pacifiers or generally refuse to take one. Pacifiers are used to soothe, calm or distract babies. Sometimes babies cry when they are bored, and pacifiers can help keep their mouths busy. But when they refuse to take their pacifier what then do you do? 

If your baby suddenly refuses to take a pacifier you should consider changing the pacifier to one that suits their mouth, offer it to them when they are calm and not upset, and ensure that they are in a comfortable position. 

TV and movies make it look easy, but in reality, it is not as easy as it seems. A lot of parents and caregivers find it challenging to get a baby to love pacifiers or get them to take it the right way. Fact remains that not all babies will successfully take pacifiers or like them.

However, in this article, we will be discussing the benefits of giving your baby pacifiers, the reasons why your baby would refuse pacifiers, and ways to get it right with your baby.

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The Benefits Of Pacifiers Foor Babies

A lot of parents might not be aware of how beneficial pacifiers are to babies, some think it’s only useful for keeping babies calm and quiet but it does way more than that, so let’s get right into it.

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1. For A Better Airflow

Especially on plane trips, pacifiers are very useful as they may help release pressure from their jaws, promote better air travel and reduce every discomfort that they may be feeling. Pacis could be of great help when the need to go on a plane trip with your baby rises. 

2. Promotes A Better And Longer Sleep

Sometimes your baby may feel the urge to suck on something even while they sleep, this could wake them up in between periods of sleep. A pacifier can help satisfy this urge and this in return can improve their sleep, especially at night. 

3. It Distracts Them

Giving your baby a pacifier to suck in can buy you enough time to do whatever you have to do before they wean as it soothes, calms, and distracts them for a long while. It also keeps them busy when you are too occupied to play with them. 

4. Reduces The Risk of SIDs

Some researchers debate the potency of pacifiers in reducing the chances of sudden infant death, while others argue against it. However, a lot of pediatricians recommend giving your baby pacis at night to keep SIDs at bay.

3 Reasons Why Babies May Refuse Pacifiers

It is not entirely necessary to give babies pacifiers, so if they refuse or reject them do not try so hard to force it. The following are reasons why babies may suddenly reject a pacifier;

1. They Want To Be Fed

Pacifiers are not food and your baby knows this, if your baby suddenly begins to reject his pacifier consider breastfeeding or bottle-feeding him as it could mean that he is hungry.

2. Incorrect Size And Shape

If the size and the shape of the pacifier are not convenient for your baby they will be disinterested in it. Some parents go for expensive pacifiers thinking it’s the best but investing in pacifiers with the appropriate shape and size for your baby would just do. 

3. Offering Pacifiers At the Wrong Times

The most common mistake some parents make is that they offer pacifiers to their babies at the wrong time. For example, putting a pacifier in the baby’s mouth when they want to be fed will only result in them rejecting it because that is not what they need at the time. 

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What You Should Do If Your Baby Refuses Pacifier

Here are a couple of hacks to try if your baby suddenly starts refusing the pacifier.

1. Dip It In Milk

Try to soak the pacifier in their favorite which is breastmilk or formula as this will encourage them to want to keep sucking. The sweetness around the pacifier makes it more appealing to infants. Do not dip it in honey or sugar as it can cause some health issues for your baby. 

2. Offer Pacifier At The Appropriate Time

There is time for everything and in this case, there is an appropriate time for offering your baby pacifiers. You should make sure your baby is calm and not hungry when you try to give it to them as their mood could be one of the reasons why they would refuse a pacifier.

3. Act Like You Are Still Breastfeeding 

If your baby still wants to keep sucking even after mealtime you can switch immediately with a pacifier. This way your baby has no idea that it is a pacifier he’s sucking and before he realizes he might have been too invested to want to refuse it.

Also, you can prompt your baby to take a pacifier by touching his cheek in a way that feels like you want to breastfeed him and when he gets interested put the pacifier in his mouth.

4. Consider Changing It To a Smaller and Better Pacifier

One common reason why babies refuse pacifiers is when the size or shape is not convenient for them as it makes latching on it hard. Go for pacifiers with soft and flexible silicone and one not too big for your baby’s mouth. 

5. Be Patient

If your baby suddenly stops taking pacifiers it’s best to be calm and patient rather than being frustrated along the line. It’s normal for them to get tired of it at some point and all you have to do is try to make them gain interest in it once again. 

6. Maybe Let It Go

You have tried all you can, maybe it’s time to give it a rest, you can’t force your baby to accept a pacifier just as much as you can’t compel them to eat. Pacifiers indeed have some usefulness but it is not entirely a necessity, your baby will be fine without them. You should think of other ways to calm or distract your baby without the use of pacifiers.


No baby is at risk if they do not take pacifiers, if your baby stops taking them do not worry he or she will do just fine.

But there’s no harm in trying to make him accept it once again. You should consider changing the pacifier to a better one, coating it in milk to give that food illusion, swiftly switching breasts to pacifiers without your baby noticing, and lastly giving it to your baby when he’s calm. 

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