The Best Backpacks For Parents With Toddlers (2024)

The Best Backpacks For Parents With Toddlers

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Parenting toddlers can be a daunting task. From managing tantrums to ensuring that you properly packed their essential items for a family adventure, it’s a full-time job! But what if we told you it doesn’t have to be so complicated? Yeah, that’s right. Choosing the right backpack can make life a lot easier for you. To save you the stress of trial and error, we have tried several backpacks but the Ruvalino bag diaper backpack particularly blew us away. Its multi-functionality, durability, and chic design won our hearts. Notwithstanding, here are the eligible backpacks our team tested and their respective ratings.

A stroller and shoulder or cross-body bags can become quite uncomfortable after a while, leading to back pain; hence backpacks ate much better options. A great backpack should be able to fit all your toddler’s things into it, and luckily, there are now backpacks that are super organized and structured.

Parents are always looking to pack all they can while going on vacation, especially when they have a toddler, but it’s best to pack essentials. This is why you should consider switching your bulky diaper bag for something more stylish, comfortable, and practical: a backpack.

Also, backpacks will ensure your things are neatly organized and safely within arm’s reach.

Carrying your toddler’s essentials in a backpack rather than in a shoulder has been declared much more relevant no matter the occasion. There are so many options to choose from when it comes to backpacks, whether you are looking for a fashionable one, an extra large if you are carrying twins, or diaper backpacks for dads.

7 Best Backpacks For Parents With Toddlers

One of the important reasons to go with a backpack is that it offers parents hands-free access to handle anything related to their toddler. The hands-free comfort that comes with backpacks is appreciated by parents with toddlers.

Also, note that it can be tempting to bring every possible baby care item in your backpack however, experts advise going for fewer items. Regardless, we have rounded up high-quality backpacks you can choose from.

1. Ruvalino Bag Diaper Backpack – Best Overall

BabbleRoo Diaper Bag Backpack

Ruvalino Bag Diaper Backpack is a multifunctional backpack with a comfortable fit. Hence it will keep items in place when jostled.

This is cool for many parents who like to pack lots of their baby’s essentials, it has five different sections that can be zipped and unzipped, and it leads to separate storage compartments in the bag. The overall function and design of this backpack are impressive.

The several compartments are not the only feature of this bag, it also comes with open top bottle holder and padded shoulder pads with soft fabric, and it’s quite stylish. Parents who love things well organized without having to dig around for stuff will really love this.

Backpack Pros
  • Designed with an extra-wide opening
  • It has several adjustable compartments
  • Elegant and comfortable to carry.
Backpack Cons
  • The material is a tad bit stretchy.

WHY WE RECOMMEND IT: This is one of the most popular backpacks for parents with toddlers, the fabric is lightweight but more robust than twill polyester. The only minor flaw this backpack has is that there is not enough base to stand on its own when empty. However, it’s one of the best functionality and quality backpacks for parents with toddlers.

2. Itzy Ritzy Boss Backpack – Best Compact Backpack

Itzy Ritzy Boss Backpack

Itzy Ritzy Boss Backpack is another very popular backpack for parents traveling with infants. This is made with rubber feet at the bottom of the bag, it tends to keep the bag clean when it keeps touching the floor.

While a large bag does come in handy, this mini backpack has eight pockets, four internal and four external ones, which will comfortably fit in all your toddler’s essentials and encourage you to pack less.

In addition to the stylish designs of this backpack, it comes with a matching changing pad and stroller straps. Another key feature is the front-facing zipper that opens easily when there is a need to change the diaper pad.

Backpack Pros
  • Includes leather vegan tassel
  • It fits essentially despite its compact size
  • It comes in several colors and prints.
Backpack Cons
  • No padded straps.

WHY WE RECOMMEND IT: This is an excellent backpack with incredible reviews and high ratings among parents. This offers a good budget price for the value it offers. We do recommend it for outgoing moms and parents.

3. Petunia Pickle Bottom Axis Backpack – Best Lightweight Backpack

Petunia Pickle Bottom Axis Backpack

Next on the list is Petunia Pickle Bottom Axis Backpack. This is another sophisticated and efficiently designed backpack that can help cater to your every need.

This backpack has spacious compartments and also features separate top and bottom compartments. Other exciting features that come with this backpack include a washable baby changing pad, and cushioned straps, and there are multiple carrying options.

This is quite big compared to It’s Ritzy above; however, they offer similar functions. This comes with side pockets that can hold wipes case, making the perfect tote backpack for traveling parents.

Backpack Pros
  • The straps are very comfortable
  • Fun pattern with neutral color
  • Organized compare design
  • Functional and stylish diaper backpack.
Backpack Cons
  • There is no zippered interior pocket.

WHY WE RECOMMEND IT: This is a fabulous chic tote back for parents to use when traveling with their toddlers. It is made with 100% cotton, and the thin, lightly padded strap makes it comfortable to carry around.

4. Jujube Zealous Diaper Backpack – Simple Design

JuJuBe Zealous Diaper Bag Backpack

Jujube Zealioys diaper backpack is the next on the list, and with over a dozen pattern cover available, you should enjoy shopping for the one you like. The bag has an appealing design, and there is no shortage of colors and stylish designs for parents.

This backpack won’t get jumbled up when tilted upside down.

In addition to its unique functions, it has a spot where you can pack in the blanket. The padded strap is also designed for comfort and offers much storage space.

Backpack Pros
  • Lightweight even when fully loaded
  • There is a separate spot for a blanket
Backpack Cons
  • No extra large pocket.

WHY WE RECOMMEND IT: This backpack offers the ideal quality for its price; it is comfortable with a compact design. There is also a spacious exterior pocket, so you won’t have to leave anything behind when you pack.

5. Parker Baby Diaper Backpack – Best Insulated Pocket

Parker Baby Diaper Backpack

Parker baby diaper backpack is another beautifully designed backpack suitable for travel and everyday use.

This is a unisex travel backpack, so it’s ideal for both parents; it also has many compartments and pockets to pack all your toddler’s needs into.

The interior of this backpack includes full zip mesh; hence it will maintain the temperature of your baby’s bottle for a while. There is also a side pocket to keep keys or wallets, so you do not lose them.

Backpack Pros
  • Made with durable material
  • Many different sizes
  • Suitable for both men and women.
Backpack Cons
  • Not washable.

WHY WE RECOMMEND IT: This is made with excellent durable material and the large size comes with an organized compartment and a strong stroller strap. This is a modern and practical backpack for traveling with your toddler.

6. Bag Nation Backpack – Best Easy Access Backpack

Bag Nation Backpack

The minimalistic design and many pockets are the first things many parents who have gotten this commented on, and we must say it’s a cool backpack.

This bag has been designed to prioritize convenience with its large compartment and several internal and external pockets; it’s just a lovely backpack every parent should have.

The padding on the shoulder distributes weight evenly so it is not quite heavy, and even when tilted, everything stays in its spot without dislodging from the pockets.

Backpack Pros
  • It comes with lots of pockets
  • Minimalistic and stylish design
  • Comfortable to wear.
Backpack Cons
  • Looks like a diaper bag.

WHY WE RECOMMEND IT: We do recommend this for any parent looking to have a backpack with comfortable fit and many pockets, which have been well thought out for items like diapers, bottles, wipes, and baby essentials. This makes just the perfect traveling backpack for parents with toddlers.

7. TWELVElittle Peek A Boo Backpack – Best Value

TWELVElittle Peek A Boo Backpack

The list of the best-traveling backpack for parents with toddlers won’t be complete without adding this cute diaper bag.

Twelvelittle Peek A Boo backpack is one of the best bags you can get for packing your toddler’s essentials, and it comes with the best space for wipes. It has a simple design, but it will fit everything your little one needs.

Backpack Pros
  • It fits in essentials despite its small size
  • The front opens wide enough for easy access.
Backpack Cons
  • Too tight for the baby’s bottle.

WHY WE RECOMMEND IT: This comes in several stylish prints and colors to give you options. This is a large backpack that can work for traveling or everyday use. This backpack is nice, and considering the vegan leather material and spacious storage, it is worth the price.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best backpacks for parents with toddlers?

Some of the best backpacks for parents with toddlers include the Ruvalino Bag Diaper Backpack, Bag Nation Backpack, Parker Baby Diaper, TWELVElittle Peek A Boo, Petunia Pickle Bottom Axis Backpack, and Baby Tula Explore Backpack.

Are backpacks the best type of diaper bag for parents with toddlers?

Backpacks are one of the best types of diaper bags for parents with toddlers because they are hands-free and distribute the weight of the items evenly on both shoulders, making them more comfortable to carry for extended periods. They also offer ample storage space and are generally more durable than other types of diaper bags.

Can you recommend a backpack that can be used by both parents?

Yes, there are many backpacks that can be used by both parents, such as the Petunia Pickle Bottom Axis Backpack, Itzy Ritzy Boss Backpack, Ruvalino Bag Diaper Backpack, and the Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack.

What are the key features to look for in a backpack for parents with toddlers?

Key features to look for in a backpack for parents with toddlers include sufficient storage space, multiple pockets for organization, comfortable straps, easy-to-clean materials, and durable construction. You may also want to look for features like a built-in changing mat, insulated bottle holders, and stroller attachment points.

What makes a backpack suitable for parents with toddlers?

A backpack suitable for parents with toddlers should have ample storage space to accommodate all the essentials required when going out with a toddler, such as diapers, baby wipes, snacks, drinks, and toys. It should also be comfortable to wear for extended periods, have easy-to-reach pockets, and be made of durable materials.

Can a backpack be used as a child carrier?

Some backpacks, such as the Osprey Packs Poco Child Carrier, are designed specifically for carrying toddlers on hikes and outdoor adventures. However, not all backpacks are suitable for use as child carriers, so it’s important to choose a backpack that is specifically designed for this purpose if that is what you are looking for.

Wrapping Up

When picking any bag for packing your baby’s essentials, you must pick one that does not put a strain on your shoulder, which is why backpacks are much preferred.

Also, it can be tempting to bring all your baby’s needs with you in the backpack but packing less is a better option.

Furthermore, too much weight while traveling with your little one can strain your back and hips. Also, we why our list of suitable backpacks includes lightweight ones even when fully packed. Regardless, consider bringing only essentials along.

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