Can Babies See Angels? (MUST READ)

Can Babies See Angels

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Have you ever seen a baby stare into the distance or gaze up at the ceiling, seemingly transfixed by something unseen to our adult eyes? Many parents have wondered if their little ones see angels or other spiritual beings.

Well, babies are smarter than we give them credit for, and they communicate their feelings in ways that can be a bit puzzling for parents. For instance, they cry when hungry or rub their faces aggressively to self-soothe.

In some cases, the parent has had to notice something strange occurring either on their baby monitors or in real-time, and this has done many wonders if babies can see angels.

While science can’t definitively answer this question, some fascinating theories and experiences suggest that babies may be more attuned to the supernatural than we realize.  So let’s dive in and explore whether babies can see angels!

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Can Babies See Angels?

There is no definitive answer but experts believe that babies can see angels.

These experts believe babies are in constant contact with the spirit world and have not yet developed the ability to filter out these spiritual beings.

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As they grow older and become more attuned to the physical world, they will lose contact with the spirits. It is believed that if your little one is staring into space and smiling or babbling to someone you cannot see, there’s a good chance they’re seeing an angel.

Psychological Studies on Infants’ Sighting of Angels

Many psychological studies suggest infants can see objects that adults cannot see. There have been suggestions that when shown a picture of an angel, infants as young as six months old would stare at the image longer than they would a view of a blank wall or a non-angelic figure.

This suggests that babies can recognize an angel’s divine presence, even if they cannot yet understand what an angel is.

Others have found that infants will smile and coo when shown pictures of angels but not when shown pictures of other religious or human figures. This suggests that babies see angels as social beings who bring them joy rather than as threatening or scary beings.

Theology and Beliefs about Babies Seeing Angels

It is a common belief that babies are innocent and closer to God. For this reason, many people believe that babies can see angels.

Angels are often seen as protectors, and it is thought that they may watch over babies in particular. Some even believe that every time a baby laughs, it is because they are seeing an angel.

There is no definitive answer as to whether or not babies can see angels. However, many stories and anecdotes from parents claim that their child has seen an angel. While there is no scientific proof, the belief that babies can see angels is comforting for many parents.

Exploring Different Cultures’ Views on Babies Seeing Angels

Different cultures have different beliefs about whether babies can see angels. In some cultures, babies are believed to be born with the ability to see angels. In other cultures, it is believed that babies only gain the ability to see angels after they are born.

Some people believe that all babies can see angels, regardless of culture. Others believe that only some babies can see angels and that God blesses these babies. Still, others think that only children who died before birth can see angels.

There is no right or wrong answer to this question. It is a matter of personal belief.

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Parental Perspectives on Their Baby’s Sighting of Angels

Most parents report that their baby’s sighting of angels is a positive experience. They often describe it as a moment of intense joy or peace. Some parents say they feel deeply connected to their children during these moments.

Others report feeling worried or scared when their baby sees angels. They may worry that their child is seeing something that isn’t there. Some parents worry that their baby is seeing something that could hurt them.


While there is no scientific proof that babies can see angels, babies are more likely to do so than adults due to their heightened spiritual awareness.

If you’re a parent and you think your baby has been seeing angels, we’d love to hear from you. Please share your story in the comments section below.

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