Can Kids Have Matcha? (EXPLAINED)

Can Kids Have Matcha?

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Wondering whether your kids can have matcha? Brace yourself; you are about to find out. Matcha is a very popular herbal drink that has tons of health benefits. This is why parents wonder if their kids can have this drink.

Matcha is made from a unique green tea plant, which many individuals have been advised to include in their diets. Although it is certain that adults can safely take matcha, allowing your kids to have them may come with some doubt.

Is it okay to give kids Matcha tea? Yes, kids can have matcha. However, it is best to understand that whether or not your kid can have matcha depends on their age.

Always ensure a particular tea is safe for your kid’s consumption before allowing them to indulge in it. Matcha may not be appropriate for kids below a certain age. There is a lot to learn about this topic; luckily, this article contains the necessary information.

Is Matcha Safe For Babies?

Matcha is a very healthy tea that provides warmth and other health benefits to adults and children. It is natural as it makes a finely powered version of leaves. And for so many reasons, you may wonder if babies can safely have this healthy tea.

No, matcha is not safe for babies. Kids below one year should not be given matcha as it contains caffeine which can cause a lack of sleep, nausea, and hyperactivity.

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Giving matcha to babies is almost the same as feeding them coffee. Babies are not supposed to have coffee because of how much caffeine it contains, matcha may not have as much caffeine as coffee, but it is also not suitable for your baby.

Can Toddlers Have Matcha?

Parents do want what is best for their kids; matcha, on the hand, has a lot of goodness to offer to children, which can sometimes tempt parents to give matcha to their toddlers.

There is no harm in giving your child matcha as long as they are older than a year. That said, toddlers can have matcha but in moderation or in small doses. Allowing your toddler to have too much matcha can be problematic due to its caffeine content.

Although it is okay for toddlers to have very little matcha, it is safer to offer them when they are much older as they might not also appreciate how it tastes.

Health Benefits Of Matcha In Kids

There are a lot of health benefits kids can enjoy from having matcha, and they are as follows;

1. Prevents Tooth Decay

Matcha is made from a green tea plant, which contains phytonutrients catechins that can protect your child’s teeth against tooth decay. ECCG in matcha also fights bacteria that cause cavities. Be sure to know that matcha can help improve your kid’s oral health, along with using the right toothpaste and appropriate electric toothbrush.

2. Promotes Healthy Heart

Matcha can promote a healthy heart as it helps prevent the arteries from getting clogged. The cardiovascular benefits do not only apply to adults but to kids as well. Be sure to know that when matcha is added to your kid’s diet in the appropriate dose, the possibility of them having heart-related issues is low.

3. Wards Off Obesity

By adding matcha to your child’s diet, health issues such as obesity are prevented. Matcha assists in burning fats and improving the body’s metabolism. This means it can promote weight loss in overweight children and also help maintain a healthy weight.

4. Remedy For Cold And Flu

Matcha contains an antioxidant known as catechin, which is very active against bacteria and viruses. The nutrients found in matcha helps boosts your child’s immune system and prevent sicknesses such as cold and flu.

5. Helps Children Focus

Kids may have difficulty concentrating on their studies, especially during exam time; offering them matcha can help them focus and concentrate more as they study. This is because matcha contains L-Theanine, which has been proven to improve memory and enhance blood flow to the brain during study time.

Matcha is mostly beneficial to teenagers who find it difficult to focus while they study.


Matcha is a healthy tea that parents may be tempted to add to their kids’ diet. It contains antioxidants that can help prevent illnesses such as cold and flu, helps enhance concentration, promotes a healthy heart, and prevent excess weight gain in children and adults.

However, it is best to avoid giving matcha to kids that are below 1 year of age as it is not an appropriate choice for them.

Toddlers can have matcha but in very little quantity. Older kids can safely enjoy the benefits of matcha as long they are offered the right dose. Nonetheless, we highly recommend that you check in with your healthcare provider to be certain that your kid can have matcha.

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