Can Kids Use Adult Toothpaste? (ANSWERED)

Can Kids Use Adult Toothpaste?

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For many reasons, parents can wonder if it is okay for their kids to use regular adult toothpaste for kids. Parents should take dental care more seriously for their kids immediately after the first tooth breaks out.

However, it is easy to get confused when surfing through the dental care aisle about what toothpaste is best for your kid as well as the right toothbrush to go for. Most kiddies’ toothpaste comes in various flavors to encourage kids to feel more comfortable about oral care.

Choosing the right toothpaste for your kids is just as important as using an appropriate brush for them whether a manual or electric toothbrush. Making sure that you use the best oral products for your kids remains an essential factor. So it is not shocking when questions like “can kids use adult toothpaste?” is asked.

No, kids below the age of 2 should not use adult toothpaste. Toothpaste produced for adults is typically made with fluoride, which may be overpowering for them.

However, for kids older than 2 years it is best to consult with your dentist beforehand to be certain it is safe for their use. In this article, you are sure to find out a lot of information about this topic. Stick around.

Is It Okay For Kids To Use Adult Toothpaste?

As a general rule of thumb, it depends on your child’s age. Toddlers between the ages of 1-2 years will be unable to spit out excess toothpaste. This is why it is recommended that a soft bristle toothbrush and water should be used to eliminate plagues from their teeth.

As soon as toddlers spit out, you can introduce children’s toothpaste to their dental routine. At the appropriate time, kids can switch to using adult toothpaste.

That said, it is okay for kids to use adult toothpaste as long as they have mastered spitting out toothpaste foam.

At What Age Can Kids Use Regular Toothpaste?

There is no set time as to when children can transition from children’s toothpaste to adult toothpaste. However, it is common for many kids to use regular toothpaste between 6 – 7 years.

Nonetheless, most of the time, age is not a determinant for using adult toothpaste, your kid can switch as long as he or she can properly spit out or fully understands the fact that they are not supposed to swallow toothpaste.

You can help master the act of spitting out by constantly practicing and trying out new brushing techniques, make sure to use children’s toothpaste until they get better at it.

How Much Toothpaste Is Enough For Kids?

Using the right amount of toothpaste to brush your child is an important aspect of dental care for children. You want to ensure the toothpaste is not too much; neither is it too little.

The appropriate amount depends on your child’s age, as it is recommended to increase the size as they grow. That said, below is a tabular illustration of the appropriate amount of toothpaste for different ages;

Age Size Of Toothpaste
Under 3 yearsUse grain-sized toothpaste
3 – 6 yearsIncrease to pea-sized (0.25g) toothpaste.
6 – 8 yearsIncrease to a full ribbon size
8 years and aboveA full ribbon size (using adult toothpaste)

Why Is It Good To Use Children’s Toothpaste?

There are several reasons why it is best to use kiddies’ toothpaste for your kids, one of the obvious reasons is that it has been carefully formulated to cater to your child’s dental care. Now let’s discuss the various reason why you should consider children’s toothpaste;

1. It Has Little Or No Fluoride

Fluoride content in children’s toothpaste is usually in tiny amounts or not at all. This is because kids tend to swallow toothpaste foam rather than spit them out. Ingesting a large amount of fluoride can cause fluoride toxicity.

Fluoride toxicity, however, can cause a series of symptoms such as diarrhea, abdominal discomfort, nausea, vomiting, weakness, and hypocalcemia. Usually, toothpaste made for children below 6 years does not have any trace of fluoride, while toothpaste for 6 years and above usually contain little amount of fluoride.

2. Kiddies’ Toothpaste Is Mild

Children’s toothpaste is not abrasive as their teeth do not need harsh products to maintain white teeth. The abrasiveness of regular kinds of toothpaste can be damaging to your child’s dental health. This is why sticking to children’s toothpaste is best for your kid.

3. There Is A Range Of Flavors

You will find that there are a lot of flavors you can try out for your kid. This is a way to encourage kids to enjoy brushing because these flavors make the toothpaste sweeter rather than minty, which kids may not appreciate.

Final Note

Regular or adult toothpaste is not the right choice for kids except if they are of age to be introduced to adult toothpaste. For kids below 8 years, be sure to only use children’s toothpaste for them.

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