Can Kids Wear Crocs to School?

Can Kids Wear Crocs to School?

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Crocs are now so trendy that parents may wonder if it is okay for their kids to wear them to school. They come in different designs and colors and look absolutely stunning on kids of all ages. There is no doubt that having your child wear crocs to school is one of those tempting things you want to do, however, you are not quite sure it is appropriate for school.

Yes, kids can wear crocs to school as long as the school has no strict rules against it. If the school has strict dress code policies and does not accept crocs, it is best to comply with these laws.

Like hey dudes, crocs are very comfy and can be worn anywhere be it to the park, the mall, or schools. Your kid may even protest to were at around at all times because of how catchy and funky crocs usually are.

However, apart from the convenience that comes with wearing crocs, there are dangers to be wary of and these risks are one of the major reasons why some schools may refuse to accept crocs as an appropriate footwear for their students.

There is every reason to love crocs, but then is okay to allow kids to wear them to school? You will be finding out this and many more in this article.

Are Crocs An Appropriate Footwear For School?

Whether or not crocs is an appropriate footwear for school or can be worn to school by kids can only be determined by the school. That said, many schools in the United states do not mind if their students wear crocs to school.

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However, there are others with dress code policies that are expected to be strictly adhered to. If the school your child attends doesn’t have a problem with their students wearing crocs, and your kid really wants to wear them to school, there is absolutely no reason why they shouldn’t.

Why Are Crocs Not Accepted In Some Schools?

Some schools have prohibited their schoolers from wearing crocs for the following reasons;

1. Not Ideal For Physical Activities

Crocs are certainly not the best footwear for some physical activities in school. They do not necessarily offer enough support during any activity more than walking. It is very easy for crocs to slip off the feet when running or doing any other form of sport. This is why a lot of schools prefer their students to wear sneakers rather than crocs.

2. Fire Precautions

During fire emergencies, crocs pose more risk to the wearer than sneakers. Crocs are not heat resistant and they can melt or burn easily when exposed to fire or direct sunlight. For kids’ safety, many schools have restricted crocs for this reason.

3. Fall Risks

It is very easy for kids to trip and fall down when wearing crocs. They put children at a high risk of getting injured. Crocs also do not do very well on wet surfaces, so if kids attempt to walk on a wet or slippery floor, they might fall down.

Many schools are fully aware of these risks hence the ban. Be sure to know that this ban is a precautionary measure or the school’s way of ensuring their schooler’s safety while they are on the school premises.

What Activities Can Kids Wear Crocs For?

Even if schools frown at crocs, there are several suitable activities your kid can rock his or her favorite crocs for. Let’s take for instance, if you intend to take your kid out for a walk in the park, there is no reason to not consider this trendy footwear for your child. Although you might want to watch how much your child plays in the playground.

Crocs are also great when going on a swim either at the beach, lake, or swimming pool, as they are water resistant, and do not get soaked or damaged by water. Make sure your kids are not wearing crocs while doing the following activities;

  • Hiking
  • Gym class
  • Soccer
  • Racing
  • Recess.

Pros And Cons Of Allowing Kids To Wear Crocs To School

Allowing your kids to wear crocs to school comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. These pros and cons have been illustrated in a table;

They are very comfy for kids to wear.Cros does not offer a lot of heel support.
There is nothing like loose shoelaces with crocs.Can easily slip out of your kid’s feet.
Crocs are very easy to wear.They can cause the feet to be sweaty and irritated.
There is enough room in crocs for your child’s feet.Crocs lack arch support.

Final Thoughts

Every individual school has there own unique rules, and whether kids can wear crocs to school or not depends solely on the school. It is best to check in with the school or your child’s teacher beforehand to make certain that your child can wear them.

However, if crocs are prohibited by the school, be sure to know that it is for good reasons as crocs are not the appropriate footwear for physical activities, are not heat resistant, as well as the fact children can easily trip or fall down while wearing crocs.

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