Can Pregnant Ladies Eat Chicken Nuggets?

Can Pregnant Ladies Eat Chicken Nuggets?

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Can pregnant ladies eat chicken nuggets? There’s no arguing that this thought will cross your mind, especially when you are a chicken nugget lover. A lot of people do have different opinions regarding this question, and trust me, it can get confusing. Chicken nuggets can be irresistible, especially when you crave them, but is it okay to indulge in them?

Yes, you can eat chicken nuggets while pregnant, but you must ensure that you eat them in small quantities and every once in a while; this is because chicken nuggets have been heavily processed with lots of fat and are high in calories.

Chicken nuggets are made from deboned chicken meat that has been beaten and then fried or baked to satisfaction. However, chicken nuggets are considered junk food as preparing them makes them an unhealthy option due to the added fats. 

Whatever is your reason for craving chicken nuggets, you ought to get answers to this question and have put together a long list of facts that you need to know. Now let’s get right into it.

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Is It Safe For Pregnant Women to Eat Chicken Nuggets?

You don’t have to stay away from chicken nuggets. But as the saying goes “too much of everything is bad”, we can’t overemphasize the fact that you must be very restrictive of how much of it you consume in a period. Chicken nuggets contain an enormous amount of fats, sodium, and protein. And with the high-calorie content in it, there is a possibility of gaining weight if much care is not taken. 

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Although weight gain during pregnancy is normal and very common, chicken nuggets can double the numbers. Nevertheless, chicken nuggets are just great for you when eaten in small portions. And unlike every other processed meat, chicken nuggets are safe for pregnant ladies as there is no risk of listeriosis, toxoplasmosis, and food poisoning. 

Another reason why chicken nuggets must be eaten in moderation by pregnant women is that they can give rise to their blood sugar and cause their blood pressure to spike, which is all thanks to their high sodium content. Other health issues like heart disease and diabetes are also factors to consider when excessively consuming chicken nuggets. 

It’s safe to say that chicken nuggets won’t cause any harm to the unborn child but for a pregnant woman’s general well-being it’s best to be cautious of the amount being consumed. Again, when you have an appetite for chicken nuggets, eat homemade chicken nuggets, that way you can be sure of how much fat and salt were added. 

How To Make Chicken Nuggets Healthy For Pregnant Women

Here are some ways to make pregnancy-friendly chicken nuggets.

1. Make Chicken Nuggets At Home

You can’t be too sure of how healthy or safe chicken nuggets are unless you make them in your kitchen. Homemade chicken nuggets are a better choice than fast-food chicken nuggets. 

pregnant woman eating vegetable salad at home

2. Air Fry Or Bake Them

It is best to air fry or bake your chicken nuggets rather than deep-frying them, this way you don’t have to feel guilty about trans fat from vegetable oil. Aside from being a healthy option, air frying or baking chicken nuggets is the best way to achieve a yummy texture. 

3. Combine With Healthy Dips

Avoid dips with high sugar content, for instance, if you are using barbecue sauce or ketchup, go for the ones with low sugar. However, there are other healthier dips like garlic yogurt dip, guacamole, and mustard. 

Is It Safe To Eat Frozen Chicken Nuggets When Pregnant?

Frozen chicken nuggets are store-bought nuggets. Several frozen chicken nuggets in the market offer good taste with high nutritional value but they are not particularly healthy or safe for pregnant women. 

However, this doesn’t mean they can’t sparsely eat them. When you crave chicken nuggets but have only the frozen ones available you must put them in heat or cook them to ensure that harmful bacteria and parasites are eliminated.

The following are helpful tips for eating healthy frozen chicken nuggets;

  • Do not go for brands with antibiotic-filled meats.
  • Look out for frozen chicken with high sodium content.
  • Make sure the chicken has been cooked.
  • Examine the breading.
  • Choose frozen chicken nuggets that are rich in protein.


We don’t expect pregnant ladies to be in control of what they crave.  On a lighter note, some will say it’s what the baby wants to eat.

However, the good news is when there’s an urge to eat chicken nuggets, you are free to indulge but you must be watchful of how much of it you consume because of the amount of trans fat and sodium it contains. 

Unlike other processed meat out there, chicken nuggets pose no dangers to the baby, there are no health risks like listeriosis, food poisoning, and toxoplasmosis. Nonetheless, when pregnant women consume chicken nuggets excessively there are risks of high blood pressure, high sugar levels (which could result in diabetes), and weight gain.

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