Can Pregnant Women Eat Bak Kut Teh?

 Can Pregnant Women Eat Bak Kut Teh?

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Can an expecting mum eat bak kut teh? Can it cause any harm to the baby? These are the questions many pregnant bak kut teh lovers would be eager to know. While pregnant there’s a life growing inside you, and your body is no longer just your own. 

This makes it almost impossible to eat everything you loved to eat before pregnancy because there’s your baby to consider. But as for bak kut teh is it safe for a pregnant woman to eat it?

No, pregnant women can not eat bak kut teh, they must stay away from it as it is made up of Chinese herbs that could be harmful to them and their unborn. Bak kut teh also has high salt content that could cause a pregnant woman’s blood pressure to increase and their feet and ankle to swell. 

Eating bak kut teh while pregnant has some health repercussions that may be very serious and this is why a lot of doctors would not recommend it for expecting moms. 

We will further discuss why bak kut teh is a bad idea for pregnant women and also provide you with a list of other foods that should be avoided by expecting mothers.

Can Pregnant Women Eat Bak Kut Teh?

Consumption of bak kut teh by pregnant women can be a threat to them and is very important that they stay away from it at all costs. Although you may crave this meal from time to time, while others will advise that you take it in very little proportion, we recommend that you do not eat it. 

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Bak kut teh contains Chinese herbs that are considered to be too strong for a pregnant woman’s metabolism, it could induce side effects or reactions like vomiting, headaches, high blood pressure, swollen feet, and ankles and this makes it unwise and unhealthy to give in to your bak kut teh cravings.

Naturally, as a mum-to-be, your top priority is to ensure that your baby is safe all through your journey and one way to do this is by watching what you eat as you will not only be feeding yourself but also the child inside you.

Bak kut teh is very heaty and this can be detrimental to your fetal growth, especially in the first trimester which is a very delicate period for you and your unborn child.

Similar Foods Pregnant Women Should Avoid

From the moment you find out you are pregnant through the rest of the journey, there is a list of meals that you should eat the littlest proportion or generally avoid like a plague until you welcome your baby. No matter how much you crave them, the following should not be eaten;

1. Pork Sausage

Pregnant ladies must avoid pork sausages and other sausages. This is so because of pork sausages’ preservatives and high salt and fat content. The risks of listeria and excessive weight gain must be considered. 

pregnant woman eating vegetable salad at home

2. High Mercury Seafood

Generally, it is best for pregnant women to limit the amount of seafood they eat to at least 2-3 portions per week but when it comes to fish high in mercury it mustn’t be eaten by pregnant ladies, as it can be very toxic to them. When consumed in large amounts it can attack their immune system and further cause serious health issues to the baby. 

3. Dried Beef

Dried beef to another food to beware of, especially if you normally battle high blood pressure. Dried beef is not heated properly and this could mean that they contain listeria bacteria which eventually causes toxoplasmosis and diarrhea. Listeria and salmonella can cause harm to your baby or lead to a miscarriage, especially for pregnant women in their first trimester. 

4. Sparrow

Although sparrows contain protein, carbohydrates, and fats, pregnant women should not under any circumstances consume them. They may have parasites present in them that could cause harm to an expecting mum and her baby.

5. Pigeon Meat

Pigeon meat makes it to the list because it is very rich in fat which could result in a tremendous weight gain. However, it is not recommended for mums-to-be to consume meals with high-fat content. 


It is very important to avoid foods that could be bad for you and your baby. But giving up on your favorite dish could be hard and somewhat unbearable, there’s no single doubt about that but trust me it is worth it.

And in this case, bak kut teh is one of those meals to let go off for as long as you have a life growing inside you.

It contains herbs that might be too harsh or harmful to them and this is why they must stay away from it. Other foods like sparrows, pigeon meat, dried meat, high mercury seafood, and pork sausages should be avoided as well.

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