Can You Eat Maple Syrup When Pregnant?

Can You Eat Maple Syrup When Pregnant?

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Because of how fragile the immune system can be during pregnancy and how easy it is to gain excess weight, it is expected to ask questions like “can you eat maple syrup when pregnant?” to ensure safety.

Yes, maple syrup can be enjoyed during pregnancy, but in moderation. While pregnant women can eat maple syrup, eating it minimally is very important due to its high sugar content.

It is very common for pregnant women to have a sweet tooth now and then. And when craving a particular food, such as pancakes or other desserts, maple syrup may be the next thing that comes to mind. However, because of how paramount your health and your baby are, you might want to pause to consider if it is a good idea.

As a rule of thumb, pregnant women are advised to give up some unhealthy foods and drinks; these usually include alcohol, chocolate mousse, and so many others. Nonetheless, you are assured that there is nothing wrong with eating maple syrup, but moderation must be critical.

Although maple syrup is a natural sweetener with many nutritional benefits, overindulging in it can lead to several health problems. Here in this article, we will share why enjoying maple syrup in moderation is essential. Stick around.

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Is It Healthy To Eat Maple Syrup While Pregnant?

During pregnancy, it is very important to pay lots of attention to your diet as well as your dietary needs. As you are not just eating to feed yourself but your baby as well. Usually, the body tells you what it wants through cravings.

Reports show that women who do not like a certain kind of food may begin to crave them during pregnancy. One of the most occurrent cravings is usually sugary foods, as the body may require a lot of glucose during this amazing journey.

While it is okay to indulge in these foods to satisfy your sweet food, make sure that it is not eaten more than you are supposed to be essential. This brings us back to whether or not it is a good idea to eat maple syrup.

The short answer is yes. Maple syrup is very healthy for you during pregnancy, especially when it is eaten in moderation. However, maple syrup may differ from each other; consuming real maple syrup, that is, the one that naturally comes out of a maple tree, is highly preferable to the seemingly unnatural kinds (maple-flavored syrup).

Original maple syrups may be expensive, but they remain the best and safest option, especially during pregnancy. Before eating maple syrup, check the ingredients to be extra sure about how safe it is for consumption.

That being said, the healthy way to enjoy maple syrup remains to eat it in small quantities. Also, talk to your healthcare provider to ensure that maple syrup isn’t going to raise your blood sugar levels.

Why It Is Important To Eat Maple Syrup In Moderation

Although maple syrup is the best sweetener option and has many nutritional benefits, it is essential to consume them moderately.

Maple syrup is rich in antioxidants and contains a good amount of riboflavin but it can cause a series of health issues for pregnant women when they overindulge in it. That being said, the reasons maple syrup is best eaten in moderation by pregnant women.

Consuming foods that are high in sugar can cause several complications during pregnancy. Doubtless, maple syrup is a natural sweetener, but it still has a very high sugar content. In that respect, maple syrup can give a spike to blood sugar levels.

High blood sugar levels should always be avoided by expectant moms at all times. As it can cause induced labor before the due date, excessive weight gain, miscarriage, and difficulty in breathing.

Excess consumption of maple syrup can also promote tooth decay. The more sugar intake the higher the chances of developing dental problems.

Benefits of Eating Maple Syrup While Pregnant

Incorporating maple syrup into your diet does have many benefits as long as it is consumed in moderation. Here are the benefits of maple syrup;

1. Increases Antioxidant Intake

Antioxidants are very important during pregnancy, this is why pregnant women are required to eat a lot and lots of fruits, and vegetables and also take vitamin supplements. Maple syrup contains a substantial amount of antioxidants and can give rise to your antioxidant intake.

2. Promotes Liver Health

According to research, maple syrup can be associated with maintaining a healthy liver as it restricts the production of ammonia which are responsible for causing harm to the liver.

3. Improves Brain Development

Maple syrup contains a good amount of manganese, which can make the enzymes in the bone and body to be very active. It can also affect the brain and nerve functionality of both the expectant moms and the unborn.


Maple syrup is not the enemy during pregnancy, however, it is very much recommended that pregnant women consume this syrup in moderation. There is no reason to be scared of eating maple syrup as long as you enjoy it in the right amount.

Maple syrup is a healthier choice than refined sugars and other artificial sweeteners. It is natural and contains essential nutrients. Rich in antioxidants, maple syrup can help prevent various kinds of disease and also has anti-inflammatory effects.

However, when consumed in excess, maple syrup can cause health problems such as high blood sugar, which can lead to premature births, diabetes, miscarriage, tooth decay, and weight gain in both mother and child. Do ensure to subtly include maple syrup in your diet to avoid these side effects.

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