Can You Ride A Lawn Mower When Pregnant?

Can You Ride A Lawn Mower When Pregnant?

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Can you ride a lawnmower when pregnant? Pregnancy comes with a lot of uncertainties and anxieties and you are probably tired of sitting around doing nothing when you have a bushy lawn. During pregnancy, you are advised to be active and careful not to put your body through too much stress. An activity such as mowing the lawn could be a good exercise for pregnant women but is it entirely safe for you and your baby?

Yes, it is alright to ride a lawnmower when pregnant, but specific precautions must be considered. You need to listen to your body, meaning if your body doesn’t feel like it, don’t force it, take short breaks in between and drink a lot of water to stay hydrated. 

But there are exceptions if you have a high-risk pregnancy; we will advise that you don’t partake in any strenuous activity such as riding a lawnmower. It is common to wonder if doing everything you once did before pregnancy is safe. 

However, involving yourself in such activities is highly dependent on your body. 

This article will provide you with all the details of factors to be aware of when riding a lawnmower and tips on how to make the activity easier for you.

Is It Safe to Operate The Lawn Mower When Pregnant?

Pushing a lawnmower requires a lot of effort while riding requires less stress. This means you can conveniently partake in this exercise while pregnant, even though you’re in the second or third trimester of pregnancy. Riding a lawnmower facilitates you to cover more areas effortlessly.

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Nonetheless, it is important to take safety precautions and be extremely careful not to overwork yourself. 

Take a break if you feel tired or dizzy and always have a bottle of water by your side to stay hydrated. Do not ride a lawnmower on a very sunny and hot day. Ultimately, if your pregnancy is at high risk or you have been advised by your doctor to rest, please do not ride a lawnmower. 

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5 Things To Watch Out For When Riding Lawn Mower 

While pregnant there is a high need to apply extreme care in whatever you do and in the case of riding a lawnmower, there are some risks that shouldn’t be overlooked or disregarded.

1. Wet Grass

Riding a lawnmower on wet grass could be dangerous as it heightens the possibility of falling while mowing. If the grass you want to mow is drenched or wet, that can be a hindrance, and it wouldn’t matter if the ground is flat or not. So, it’s best to wait till your lawn is dried before getting to work with your lawnmower. 

2. Steep Hills

If your lawn is uneven, bumpy, and has hilly terrain, it is not a good idea to ride a lawnmower while pregnant because there’s a big chance of an accident occurring. There is a risk of you falling off which may cause you to obtain injuries that could be detrimental to you and your baby. So as a pregnant woman it’s best to abort any mission to ride a lawnmower on hilly terrain or an uneven yard.

3. Allergens

Some pregnant women may develop new allergies while some may possess high intensity to their previous allergies. To avoid the occurrence of unwanted allergic reactions you need to stay away from things like grass and pollen which may trigger it. If you notice an allergy symptom while mowing it’s best to stop and visit your doctor for more insights. 

4. Dehydration 

Dehydration when pregnant could be dangerous as you may be susceptible to certain conditions when mowing always make it a point to stay hydrated, especially on hot days. As dehydration can cause you to feel lightheaded and dizzy which can lead to a fall.

5. Lawn Size

If your lawn is small, it is expected to mow the area very quickly and with less stress. But if your yard is very wide and large, you shouldn’t attempt to finish mowing the entire lawn area in a day as it can be extremely stressful and exhausting. 

How To Make Lawn Mowing Easier And Safer

Here are some safety tips for using the lawnmower even when you’re not pregnant.

1. Prepare the yard

For an easier and smoother mowing process, it is better to prepare your lawn first. Clearing a few things like backyard toys, rocks, sticks, branches, and seed pods that can get in the way of lawnmowers. If you can’t do it all alone you can ask a friend to help you remove these obstacles out of the yard.

2. Dress appropriately for the job

As simple as it sounds, dressing appropriately is very important when mowing your lawn. Wear work boots to secure your feet from grass, and dirt. Also, wear long-sleeved shirts and long trousers for full coverage from the sun and insects. You can also use sunscreen for extra protection from the sun. 

3. Hire a help

Mowing the lawn may be safe but if you do not have the capability or time to get it done, it is best to hire adequate manpower to help you mow your lawn. You can also ask your family, neighbors, and friends for assistance if need be. 

The Final TakeAway

Generally, it is okay to mow your lawn during pregnancy, but you should know when to draw the line, not to go overboard or overwork yourself and listen to your body if it needs rest.

Taking precautionary measures and following your doctors’ instructions will go a long way to ensure that you and your baby are safe while you ride a lawnmower.

If all these recommendations are adhered to then riding a lawnmower can be a great form of exercise that your body would appreciate. 

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