Daughters Pierced Ears Without Permission (What to Do)

Daughters Pierced Ears Without Permission

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It can be quite daunting to find out your daughter has her ears pierced without permission. However, you can take a deep breath first and not react in a way that hurt’s daughter’s feelings as this is a touchy subject. You need to remember that piercings are not tattoos, so they are not permanent. Communication with your teenage daughter is vital, and you have to ensure you don’t come across as a dictator or invalidate their feelings.

Piercings are an increasingly popular form of self-expression, and while ear piercing is popular, it is not the only place. These days, you can piece anywhere from your tongue to belly buttons, nose, eyebrows, and more. The potential risk of piercing has to be carefully considered, which is why having this discussion with your teen daughter ahead is recommended.

Every parent has their views when it comes to ear piercing. It is a very personal decision and parents are advised to wait till the baby is 6 months old before piercing or probably wait till they are 10 and asked for it. Regardless of your stand on ear piercing, it can be somewhat painful when your daughter pierced her ears without permission.

What happens though, when you have this discussion with your daughter and would like them to wait before getting an ear piercing, yet they still come up with a piercing, without your permission?

What to Know About Piercing Your Child’s Ears

Experts do warn about potential risks associated with piercing a child’s ear at a very young age hence why many parents choose to wait till the child is old enough. The older the child, the more likely they can handle the pain and ensure the piercing is cleaned and free of infection. You have to ensure you talk to your daughter about ear piercing the same way you will talk to them before getting an injection.

The decision to pierce your daughter’s ear or not is your personal decision and if you prefer your daughter to make their own decision, wait till they are around 10. It is also best to have a pediatric nurse doing the work as they do have experience in helping your child stay calm. and handle meltdowns.

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Talking to your child before ear piercing can greatly reduce their anxiety. Piercing is not more harmful to babies than they are to adults, so any complications are not determined by age. Ear piercing has been regarded as safe for any cosmetic reason for any age according to the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Daughters Pierced Ears Without Permission

As stated above, the older the child, the better they can take responsibility for keeping the piercing free and clean of infection.

However, this does not diminish the fact that the piercing was gotten without your permission. After you discover your daughter has pierced her ears without your consent, we want you to take a deep breath and keep in mind that it is not permanent unlike a tattoo, and also time has changed tremendously from when we were teens.

Next, you need to talk to them as calmly as possible and find out where the ear piercing took place. It might have been done in the back bathroom of a tattoo parlor which is oftentimes when they get piercing done as medically, there is no ideal place to get your ears pierced. You need to take extra precautions and take your child to the doctor, and taking legal ensure like calling law enforcement is worth considering too.

If a family had gotten the ear piercing for your daughter, you should take them out before it gets infected and calmly let them how that made you feel. Ear piercing should be the parent’s personal decision.

You may feel a punishment is necessary, but you do know your daughter best, and if you think that will deter her from disobeying again, then you can. We implore you to talk about what could have gone wrong with the ear piercing and remind them that rules are not there to punish them but to protect them.

Safety Tips For Your Daughter’s Ear Piercing

One of the reasons parents avoid piercing their daughter’s ears is the fear of earlobe infection. But this can be avoided if cared for the right way. It is recommended that you postpone the piercing till your daughter is old enough to take care of it herself.

There are many reasons your daughter might have gone and gotten her ear pierced without your permission so after dealing with why and deciding if she gets to leave it pierced or not. Here are necessary safety tips for taking care of pierced ears.

  • See your doctor if your daughter immediately if you are not sure the place your daughter pierced her ears is completely safe
  • Avoid touching the new piercings unless when you are cleaning
  • Wash your hands with soap and water before touching the ears and earring
  • If your child has long hair, it will be best to keep it tied in ponytails to keep the hair from entangling with your earring
  • Clean the entire surrounding of the piercing with alcohol and cotton swabs. Clean the front and the back but make sure the earring back slip is in place while gently rotating the earring
  • To prevent the risk of infection, avoid swimming in pools, lakes, hot tubs, and oceans while it heals.

Final Thoughts

Ear piercing for those under 18 without providing notarized permission or having parents present is illegal in some countries, you should check if there is any regulation against that in the country you reside in, so you do need to find out where your daughter got the piercing done.

A parent should take note of how vulnerable the daughter might be and not rely on a negative consequence as a source of control. Also, you might want to consider that ear piercing is not nearly as serious as other things they might choose to partake in, one of which is tattoos.

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