Inhaling BBQ Smoke When Pregnant (MUST-READ)

Inhaling BBQ Smoke When Pregnant (MUST-READ)

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There is a truckload of things to avoid when pregnant but is inhaling bbq smoke one of them? We must admit we all love the taste of grilled meat and it is also a fun activity to grill some chicken ourselves.

It is however very vital that some hazardous tasks should be avoided at all costs by moms-to-be and in an instance where you’ve been invited to a bbq party it is always good to be sure that it is safe for you to attend.

Breathing in barbeque smoke and all forms of smoke for a long time is very risky and it has been associated with quite a number of pregnancy problems. It is very important that your developing baby doesn’t get exposed to smoke.

Barbequed meats are great and safe for you and your unborn in as much as it is properly grilled, but we can’t say the same for the fumes that come out during the cooking process. Want to learn more about the risks involved in inhaling bbq smoke? Keep reading.

Is It Safe To Inhale BBQ Smoke While Pregnant?

The aroma of barbecue meat is just as mouthwatering as every other delicious meal that there is. BBQ brings people together and it is no doubt a family fun activity. However, an expectant mum may be skeptical about exposing herself to bbq smoke and would wonder if inhaling the smoke poses any danger to her and the unborn child.

It is not safe for pregnant women to inhale bbq smoke as there are a lot of dangers involved in doing so. There’s actually no way to avoid the bbq smoke at a bbq party but it will do you good to not expose yourself directly to the fumes.

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Inhaling the smoke for a very short while will do no harm, but exposure to it for too long is extremely risky and dangerous. It is recommended to keep a very long distance away from the smoke as possible.

And if you intend to bbq yourself, it is best to allow the charcoal to properly heat up before coming close as the smoke will be less at that point.

Risk Of BBQ Smoke Exposure When Pregnant

Exposure to bbq smoke for a prolonged duration can be harmful generally. On that note, expecting mothers should be extra sure that they stay away from smoke as much as possible.

1. Respiratory Issues

Barbeque smoke has been reported to have a high level of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which when inhaled and absorbed into the skin have been associated with causing respiratory. Pregnant women may find it difficult to breathe after being exposed to bbq smoke for too long.

2. Low Birth Weight

Excessively being exposed to bbq smoke over time can result in low birth weight in babies. Low birth weight is diagnosed when a newborn is weighing less than 5 pounds. Although other factors can cause this in babies, inhaling smoke can also contribute to it.

3. Premature Birth

Charcoal contains carbon monoxide that can influence preterm birth. When a baby is born before 37 weeks of gestation it is referred to as preterm or premature birth.

Safety Tips For Grilling While Pregnant

Summertime is a perfect time to make some grills, you sure need to put the following safety in mind while grilling as an expectant mum;

1. Clean Out The Grill

Always make sure that the grill being used is clean. The grease should be cleaned out, to prevent any flare-up. A dirty grill could also be a potential cause of food contamination, another health issue pregnant women should avoid.

2. Stay Away From The Grill

After starting the fire, it is better to stay away from the grill until the charcoal is glowing red and the fume has reduced minimally.

3. Grill Outside The House

When grilling you always should ensure that it is done about 10 feet away from the house and in a ventilated area or open space. And always have a spray water bottle close in case the flame increases.

4. Dress Appropriately

What you wear when grilling matters a lot. You don’t have to wear dangling clothing that would interfere with your grilling or catch fire.

5. Let Someone Else Do The Grilling

The best way to avoid bbq smoke is by not doing it yourself. Pregnant women should always try to stay safe from smoke from bbq, wood, or wildfire.


Everyone loves bbq or grilled meat, and it is safe to be sure about staying around or inhaling the smoke especially while pregnant. Inhaling bbq smoke for a prolonged time is very unsafe for moms to be.

However, there are safety precautions that must be put in place while grilling or staying around bbq smoke. This article highly recommends staying as far as possible from bbq smoke is important for pregnant women.

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