Is Great Wolf Lodge Good For Toddlers?

Is Great Wolf Lodge Good For Toddlers?

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Fun times with family are essential to building lasting bonds and creating memories. Sometimes fun times may include random trips to the Great Wolf Lodge. Two years after having our son, my husband and I had a long talk about going to the Great Wolf Lounge since we had a 5-year-old and a 7-year-old who would appreciate that sort of fun.

I was quite skeptical about going because I wasn’t sure about the idea. No doubt, we needed a family trip as it has been a while since did something fun together as a family but the safety of my little kids especially the 2-year-old was causing my reluctance to go.

Another reason for my reluctance was how pricey it was to get admitted to the lodge, I didn’t want us to spend too much and not be able to have as much fun as we all hoped to get because of our youngest son. So what did I do? I did a lot of research and got enough information for clarity.

And yeah, you guessed right. We did go and we all had a great time.

Everything I will be sharing with you in this article is based on our personal experiences, so if you are wondering if the Great Wolf Lodge is suitable for your toddler and even babies, you are certainly in the right place.

Is Great Wolf Lodge Good For Toddlers?

The great wolf lodge is an awesome place for quality family time; a visit can help build stronger bonds and relationships. Especially when parents are convinced that their toddlers suddenly hate their dad, doing fun things like this can rekindle the bond.

Kids can have lasting amazing memories with their parents; this is why the great wolf lodge is regarded as a place to strengthen your pack. Do we know it is a great family location but is it also an excellent place for toddlers?

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Yes, the great wolf lodge is good for kids of all ages and includes toddlers. In fact, admission for toddlers around the age of 2 is free, and there are lots and lots of activities suitable for them.

The great wolf lodge is certainly toddler friendly, as they can fit into many activities and attractions. This at first was one of my major concerns, but there was really an excellent consideration for toddlers at GWL. So rest assured that your toddler will have a swell time and wouldn’t feel left out of the fun.

What Activities Are There For Toddlers At Great Wolf Lodge?

There are tons of activities for kids of all ages. These attractions sometimes don’t always need parents to be there. And whether you have to be there to watch you b kids or not, be sure that their safety is guaranteed as these activities are certainly kid and toddler friendly.

1. The Forest Friends Show

Kids of all ages love storytimes, at the great wolf lodge, your kids will be entertained with some amazing stories. The show runs 3 times a day, and the show settings are very suitable for toddlers, thereby causing them to get involved, learn, and interact.

2. Cub Paw Pool

Your toddler would absolutely love this activity, and you might as well, as I also had a great time watching my toddler have so much fun. The colors are very interesting, the pool is safe as it is zero inches deep, and the slides are exciting. Your toddler is sure to have an amazing time during this activity.

3. Dance Party

Your toddler will have a delightful time at the dance party. This is usually scheduled around 8 pm and it lasts for about 45 minutes. It is a perfect opportunity for toddlers to burn off energy before calling it a night. The dance party is for all ages, so the whole family can join in, as I noticed that each activity is more fun when we went as a pack.

4. Fort Mackenzie

Will your toddler enjoy this activity? Of course! Fort Mackenzie is a water fort treehouse with interactive water toys. Your toddler is sure to have maximum fun, the kid-activated splash features make it a thrilling experience for kids. Don’t be surprised when your kids refuse to leave this section. However, you must always ensure that you meet all the safety requirements.

5. Crooked Creek

Imagine having a swell time with the whole family floating in this lazy river, laughing and having fun with your little ones. You have absolutely nothing to worry about as the river’s currents are very mild and will gently carry you along as far as you’d want to go.

There are lifeguards on the ground to ensure safety and life jackets of all sizes. Make sure you meet a lifeguard to recommend a life jacket that is the right fit for your toddler.

What To Pack For Your Toddler

We all know that you must be fully packed and ready when embarking on any trip with your toddler. However, you do not need to overpack as packing some things like sunscreen, lifejackets, floaties, and towels will be totally unnecessary.

The following are the essential things you would need to pack for a trip to Great Wolf Lodge;

  • Swimsuit
  • Swim diapers
  • PJs
  • Wipes
  • Wet bag.


A visit to the great wolf lodge will be absolutely fantastic for the family.

Rest assured that the experience is also toddler-friendly, so you do not have to worry about one member of the family feeling left out. There are unique attractions that your toddler and kids will find very thrilling.

However a trip to great wolf lodge does have its downsides, as you have to pay for almost everything, including food, parking space, and games. But the whole family will have a great time and that is all that actually matters.

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