Third Trimester Feels Like Baby Is Shaking

Third Trimester Feels Like Baby Is Shaking

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Does it seem like your baby is shaking unusually in your womb? Are these strange movements getting you worried? Finding out that you are pregnant is always a phenomenal moment for every mother. You begin to make adjustments in your lifestyle just to make certain that your baby is safe and sound. However, during the third and final trimester of pregnancy, babies become increasingly active in the womb. 

Expecting moms begin to feel strange movements that could bring about negative speculations. For certain reasons, babies can move in unsettling ways. However, this should cause you to worry or bother as it doesn’t necessarily mean your baby is in any danger of any sort. 

When it feels like your baby is shaking in your womb, it could either be stretching or having hiccups. Other reasons for these strange movements include muscle twitch, shock, cord movements or just simply having a good time with what you ate. 

Different pregnancies may come with different patterns, some moms might not experience this unusual movement in their previous pregnancies. And this occurrence may be terrifying, but there’s no cause for alarm. Let’s get you familiarized with why it feels like your baby is shaking in your womb and what to do.

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What Causes Babies To Move Unusually In The Womb

Your baby shaking in your womb doesn’t necessarily mean something is wrong. With the help of this guide, you should be able to tell what’s causing your baby to move in such motions.

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1. Your Baby Is Stretching 

In the third trimester, your baby has gotten bigger, and when they stretch you are likely to feel the movement in your belly. You’ll feel the sudden sporadic movements which may seem like your baby is having seizures but they are just kicks, punches, and rolling from your baby stretching out. And the bigger your baby gets the more feel these movements. 

2. Your Baby Has Hiccups

Unbelievable right? But I can tell you for sure that babies during the last trimester do get hiccups. And it could extend to a certain period. For some moms, it could feel like a mild, twitch-like sensation while others report that they feel the baby jolting or thumping. This however should be a cause for alarm as it is usual and common for babies to experience hiccups in the womb.

3. Nervous System Development 

Nervous system development usually begins after 16 days of conception. While your baby’s nervous system is developing, your baby might experience nervous spasms which cause their muscles to move involuntarily. Studies suggest that this is perfectly normal and should be a reason to worry. 

4. Irritable Uterus

This is a medical condition that causes the uterus to jolt or contract. This causes the baby to be uncomfortable hence, the unusual movement. Many times this experience could be painful and it could force an expecting mum to think there’s something wrong with the baby which is usually not the case. 

5. Umbilical Cord Tangling

When babies get their feet or hands entangled in the umbilical cord they move in unexpected ways to get the cord off of them. Even in the womb babies are sensitive and might make rapid movements to get away from the umbilical cord. Causing you to feel twitch-like sensations and leaving you to wonder why your baby is making so many movements all at once. 

6. What You Ate

Do you know there are some foods you eat that could make your baby significantly active in the womb? Sugary foods like ice cream, soda, natural juice, Greek yogurt, chocolate, and peanut butter. Sometimes this movement can be quite unusual than how it used to feel, relax, it’s your third trimester and your baby is bigger and stronger now. 

What You Should Do When This Happens

Now that we’ve gone through some of what causes the baby-shaking feeling you feel, here are some things you can do to ease things.

1. Relax

A curious mother is a caring mother, and first things first, don’t get yourself worked up thinking there’s something wrong with your baby. As this can pump up your blood pressure. You mustn’t assume something is wrong or overthink it when your baby is making sporadic movements, it usually doesn’t mean your baby is having seizures. 

2. Perform Kick Counts

Now that you are relaxed, you need to perform kick counts. If your baby moves more than 10-15 times in 2-3 hours, then consider it normal as you have nothing to worry about. Although you should go see your doctor for medical evaluation when you feel fewer kicks and movement within this timeframe.

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3. Pay Attention To What You Eat

As stated earlier, what you eat can excite your baby and make them extremely active. It’s just normal for your baby to move unusually when you take coffee or sweet foods. 

4. Seek Medical Attention 

This is the best thing to do if you have an irritable uterus. But first, you must try to stay hydrated, eat healthy foods, relax and sleep. If the contractions persist, put a call through to your healthcare provider. 


It is very sensible to be curious about what’s going on with your baby when they make rapid, strange movements that seem like they are shaking.

The thought that your baby is having a seizure might cross your mind but this usually isn’t the case. Your baby could be having hiccups, stretching, playing with the umbilical cord, or just being active from what you are. 

This is usually not a problem, relax, perform kick counts, and pay more attention to what you eat. However, you should seek medical attention when your count kicks less than 10 in 3 hours and when you have an irritable uterus. 

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