Toddler Pants Falling Down: Here’s What To Do

Toddler Pants Falling Down: Here’s What To Do

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Are your toddler’s pants falling down? Not to worry you are not alone. Many other parents would like to know how to go about this sort of situation.

I, for instance, have had a similar experience where my son’s pants kept falling off his waist. Trust me, it was so uncomfortable watching him struggle with his pants all the time. My son has a very slim waist and long legs so I couldn’t get pants in smaller sizes for him because they wouldn’t fit perfectly.

Although some of these pants are made with belt loops, I didn’t like the idea of having to look for belts all the time. So I began to ponder on what I can do to tighten the waistline for a better fit. And with a lot of research and practicals done I was able to come up with a solution that does a wonderful job for me. 

Tightening your toddler’s pants may sound tricky but it is super easy, while many would go for belts I recommend fixing adjustable elastic around the waistline, using mitten clips or dapper snappers, and safety pins. These easy fixes can hold your toddler’s pants in place for as long as they have them on.

Like I said earlier, you need not worry about your toddler’s pants falling off of their waist, and you don’t have to save those pants for later. Stick around, this article will be giving you a quick guide on what to do about your toddler’s loose pants.

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How To Tighten Toddlers Pants Around The Waist

To avert this issue a lot of parents would rather go for pants with adjustable elastic but every once in a while you will come across pants without adjustable elastic that is hard to resist and there you have it you have pants that can’t hold around your toddler’s waist. However, there are several ways you can tighten the waistline of your toddler’s pants, which will be explained in detail.

1.  DIY Adjustable Elastic

Although some may prefer to use a sewing machine, it isn’t entirely necessary or compulsory. The hack is the most commonly used by parents as it offers a long-lasting solution, convenience and it is inexpensive as well.

This hack is super easy and all you’ll be needing is;

  • Elastic or button hole elastic
  • Scissors
  • Seam Ripper
  • Safety pin
  • Needle and thread.

However, the following are easy steps you can take whilst fixing an adjustable elastic in your toddlers pants; 

Step 1: Right inside the waistband of the pants, using a seam ripper create two holes 5-6 inches (or as you wish) apart from each other. Be careful not to puncture holes on the other side of the pants. And also note that the elastic should be at the back of the pants, not the front. 

Step 2: Measure the elastic to be a few inches shorter than the two holes you created and cut. This will help ensure that the elastic has a nice grip on the waist. 

Step 3: Hook the elastic to a safety pin and pass it through one of the holes.

Step 4: When you are almost at the other end of the hole, use a needle and thread to fasten the elastic on the first hole to hold it in place. 

Step 5: Now you can continue dragging the elastic to the other hole and when it’s out you can sew it as well to hold it in place. 

2. Pant Buttons

Another way to tighten the pants around your toddler’s waist is to shift the button on the pants a little bit farther away from the bitten hole. That way the pant waist becomes smaller than it was initially. 

3. Dapper Snappers And Mitten Clips

Dapper snappers or mitten clips are other solutions for loose pants. They are commonly used for babies, toddlers, and kids. Dapper snapper are short suspenders that can fit into 3 belt loops at the back, it can help fasten the pants in place as it inches two belt loops on each side. They can also be used without belt loops as well. They are very easy to use and don’t get in the way of a diaper change or potty training. 

4. Safety Pins

Safety pins are more like quick fixes and they are mostly temporary. Safety pins can only be used for emergencies. You will mostly be needing two safety pins, use one on each side to form a temporary dart to firmly hold the pants. However, it may look bulky on the sides and might not e comfortable for your toddler, it’s better than those pants falling off.

5. Binder Pins

This can only be used as a last-minute solution, and when you are left with no option binder pins can come to the rescue. How can it be used? Hold the loose pants on each side, neatly fold the extra material then use the binder pin to firmly hold it in place. Might be a pleasing sight but it will do the job. 

6. Sew The Pants

Here you can choose to use either a sewing machine or make stitches with a needle and thread. Although tightening it with a sewing machine is quicker than using a needle and thread but both techniques can work just perfectly. If all you can find is a needle and thread you can utilize it for firmly holding your toddler’s pants. 


For some reason, your toddler’s pants keep dropping off his or her waist and it’s not exactly a great sight. It makes you wonder what you can do, some parents have considered taking these pants to the tailor to get them sewn for a perfect fit but this might not be the best option as it could cost you a lot of money. 

However, this article consists of sufficient information for rectifying these size issues with your toddler pants. And they include the use of safety pins, sewing the pants at home, using dapper snappers or mitten clips, and making adjustable elastic.

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