Why Does My Toddler Say Mommy All The Time?

Why Does My Toddler Say Mommy All The Time?

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Your toddler is always saying mommy all the time and it’s beginning to get you on the edge. Hearing your child call you “mommy” for the first time is an incredible and memorable moment for every mother.

But when it increasingly becomes too much it can get on your nerves. Your toddler might not need anything but would literally call you over a hundred times in a day. The incessant or constant calling would make you curious as to why your toddler calls you all the time. 

Toddlers are natural attention seekers, they always want mommy’s attention to be lavished on them all the time. The word mummy means a whole lot to them because they understand that is the only way to get their favorite person’s attention. However, there are times when they actually need to ask for something. 

We understand how frustrating it can be to have to constantly keep up with your toddler calling you even when you have something important to do, but you must make sure you keep your cool and remain calm. You must understand that all your toddler wants is your love and attention.

Now let’s break down why your toddler would go the whole day calling you nonstop and explain the ways you can manage the situation.

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Why Does My Toddler Say Mommy All The Time?

Your adorable baby is now learning to communicate and his favorite word is “mommy”. At first, you are intrigued that your toddler wants you almost all the time but now it’s beginning to get on your nerves. Why can’t he call daddy? Why does it have to be mummy all the time? Let’s make it clear so you can better understand the situation. 

1. Your Toddler Needs Your Attention

Who loves attention more than toddlers? Toddlers enjoy it when they have their mothers’ time and attention. Nothing beats that for them in any way, so when you are not busy spending your time with them they will call for you until you attend to them. Sometimes these mischief-makers do not need anything, in particular, they just want you to notice them. While in most cases they truly need you.

2. Your Toddler Loves You

Your toddler won’t seek attention if they don’t love you. They feel emotionally attached to you that they always want to be right by your side every second of the day and when you are not around them they miss you and call out for you. 

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3. Boredom

Toddlers get bored too sometimes, especially when there are no playmates around except you. Your toddler might just want to have playtime with you but you don’t seem to have the time for it. However, toddlers do not always understand that there’s time for everything, hence the nonstop calls.

4. Separation Anxiety 

For some reason your toddler doesn’t feel safe without you, they worry a lot when you are not in the same room with them or close to them. Separation anxiety is very common among toddlers and it varies among children. Some children become distraught when they can’t find you, hence the incessant calling for you.

5. You Are Your Toddler’s Favorite

Your child just loves to be around you not only because you make him feel safe but also because they feel dependent on you. The word mummy to them could mean a cheat code to get their needs met. Which makes “mummy” their overall favorite word. And it makes them happy when they say the word and you keep responding to them. Isn’t that adorable?

How To Cope With Your Toddler Saying Mummy All The Time

Dealing with your toddler’s saying mummy all the time gets harder and harder as days go by. It is expected that you will eventually run out of patience however here are ways you can cope and help the situation;

1. Remain Calm

It’s best to stay calm in this situation, we understand how frustrating it can be but it wouldn’t do any good if you lose it on your toddler. Stay calm, and try as much as possible to understand your toddler, she wouldn’t be so keen on calling you all the time if she doesn’t love you. 

2. Respond To Them

You can have a moment of rest when you give them a response. But when you don’t acknowledge them, be ready to hear “mummy” repeatedly which might drive you on the edge. Responding to them is the trick that gives you an ample amount of time before they call for your attention again. 

3. Set-Up Playdates 

Especially when your toddler is constantly calling out for you because he is bored with his toys or feels lonely, you can set up playdates with other kids his age for social interaction. The truth is you can’t always have playtime with him so this is a good option for both of you. You can also indulge them in other fun things like going to the park, or the library.

4. Take A Break

It’s okay to take a break from your kids once in a while, as parenting can take a toll on anyone. You can have them over at their granny’s place for the weekend to maintain your sanity. 

5. Have A Conversation With Them

Calmly sit your toddler down and start a conversation with them. You can start by saying “I understand how much they love and need me but sometimes mummy needs to rest”. Explain to them that calling your name over and over again stresses you out. 

Then go ahead to involve them in the conversation by asking them if there are other ways they can use to get your attention. If they have no idea then you can offer your ideas. However, this can only be successful depending on your toddler’s age and level of understanding. But having this calm talk is better than them losing your cool with them. 


Hearing your toddler call you nonstop is enough to put you on the edge. Some days you would want to run or hide away in the bathroom with a box of chocolate to keep you calm.

It is very normal for you to feel that way. But you must have it in mind that your toddler adores you hence the constant demand for you. They feel solely dependent on you and they understand that you are always there to meet their needs. 

Being a mother comes with a sense of responsibility but it’s okay to take breaks once in a while to keep your sanity in check, you can even meet with other moms with similar to discuss solutions. However, keeping calm is paramount, and setting up playdates for your toddler can help shift their focus to something else.


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