The Best Baby Carriers For Mums With Back Pain (2024)

The Best Baby Carriers For Mums With Back Pain

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What are the best baby carriers for a mum with back pain? Wearing a baby carrier has many benefits; one vital use is it helps with back pain. If you are suffering from a bad back, you do not have to give up on wearing your little one as, luckily, there are baby carriers that are built for comfort, and they will support your body correctly.

A baby carrier is a brilliant way to keep your baby securely with you while keeping your hands free. Baby carriers are not to be confused with slings and wrap as they are much more structured than these.

Studies have further shown that using a baby carrier enables skin-to-skin contact between mum and babies and may help regulate babies’ heartbeat, breathing pattern, and temperature. Baby carriers are considered not to be time savers but lifesavers as well.

Also, baby carriers are usually fastened with buckles and clips, which allows you to carry your baby on your back, front, or side. It is the best way to carry your baby; the right one does prevent spinal and cranial deformities.

With the so many benefits baby carriers offer, it is only imperative that you use it rather than any other method. However, with so many options in the market, you can end up with the wrong one. Hence, after careful testing and consideration, we have selected our top baby carriers for moms with back pains.

7 Best Baby Carriers For Mums With Back Pain

Buying a baby carrier is not complicated but you really what to be careful, especially if you have issues with back pain. Baby carriers have been around for years, but they are not all made the same way, some can be used right from the birth of your baby, and some are made for minimal weight.

So, if you have back pain or need a comfortable baby carrier? Below are baby carriers that are great for back support.

1. Baby Tula Mesh Baby Carrier – Best Overall

Baby Tula Mesh Baby Carrier
Baby Carrier Pros
  • Made with breathable material
  • User-friendly and supportive when you go outside.
Baby Carrier Cons
  • Sun hood does not have a zipper.

Baby Tula carrier is designed for upper back pain to be comfortable and supportive of your whole back.

This is one of the highly rated baby carriers, it gives secure growth time for the baby’s body, and not only is the mum’s back going to benefit from it, but it also provides easy and quick adjustment for the comfort of the neck and shoulder. Moms who have tried this have it labeled as very comfortable and durable.

This product also helps distribute weight and offers superior comfort for all kinds of body pain, making it ideal for all kinds of body pain. In addition to the comfort it offers those with back pain, it can be easily taken off and on independently.

WHY WE RECOMMEND IT: The risk of back pain due to the baby’s weight has reportedly become nonexistent and reduced drastically with this baby carrier. This is convenient for alternating between front and back. It also comes with a removable hood; it can be quickly adjusted for multiple wearers.

2. Infantino Flip Advanced Baby Carrier – Best Value

Infantino Flip Advanced Baby Carrier
Baby Carrier Pros
  • Provides 4 ways to carry baby
  • Easy on the back and good quality
  • Hands-free.
Baby Carrier Cons
  • It may not be good for tiny babies.

Infantino flip advanced baby carrier is the next on the list of highly recommended baby carriers for moms with back pain.

This comes with a 2-in-1 bib to protect your clothes and carrier, it also provides an adjustable seat, leg opening strap, and waist belt for comfort. It provides 4 different ways you can comfortably carry your baby.

These features make this carrier viable for anyone with back pain to use comfortably. Moms can wear this for long periods, even during summer, without affecting the skin. This baby carrier is lightweight, and the waist belt helps evenly distribute weight.

WHY WE RECOMMEND IT: This is a great and very supportive baby carrier for distributing weight; hence it can help moms with back pain. The carrier is adjustable so it can fit different parents or carriers. It can help alleviate backache and also, and there is a bib that protects the fabric from drool and dribble.

3. Boba Wrap Baby Carrier – Best For Newborn

Boba Wrap Baby Carrier
Baby Carrier Pros
  • Different ways to wrap your baby
  • It is stretchy and comfortable.
Baby Carrier Cons
  • Not comfortable for outdoor use.

Boba Wrap Baby Carrier is the next on our top list of baby carriers suitable for moms with back pain.

Boba baby carrier has different ways of wrapping it, although some parents claim it can take a while to figure out the wrapping. Luckily, there are lots of YouTube videos on how to put the sling correctly, which should guide you.

This wrap is quite stretchy, and your baby can fall asleep comfortably in it, but it can be a bit warm, so we recommend dressing your baby in fewer layers.

WHY WE RECOMMEND IT: Boba baby wrap is designed to balance your baby’s weight no matter the position, thereby preventing any back pain. The spandex material used also allows it to retain its shape and not loosen when you readjust to nurse or take your baby out for a ride in the car or bike.

4. Beco Gemini Baby Carrier – Best For Breastfeeding Moms

Beco Gemini Baby Carrier
Baby Carrier Pros
  • Machine washable
  • Comes with good padding on the waist belt
  • Breastfeeding friendly.
Baby Carrier Cons
  • May not be comfortable with older babies.

Next on the list is Beco Gemini Baby Carrier, which is also an effective carrier for moms with back pain. This is easy to use compared to the wrap mentioned above; it is lightweight as it is made from a cool mesh material. In addition, it has redesigned shoulder strap, and it features a new safety catch, so you do not have to worry about the weight falling on your shoulders.

This baby carrier offers you quality in material and comfort. There is even a pocket on the waistband, it can come in handy when you need to keep a muslin or a packet of wipes. Another key feature that makes this a worthwhile investment is the adjustable chest strap that evenly distributes weight.

WHY WE RECOMMEND IT: The Beco Gemini Baby carrier for newborns up to three years old, this is built to take care of mums and babies, it is a lightweight carrier, and there is no fabric between the wearer and the baby, which makes it the perfect option for breastfeeding mothers. This comes in lots of different designs as well.

5. BabyBjörn Harmony Baby Carrier – Best For Back Support

BabyBjörn Harmony Baby Carrier
Baby Carrier Pros
  • Adjust to fit multiple wearers
  • Provides good back support
  • Premium fabric.
Baby Carrier Cons
  • Expensive.

Looking for a soft ergonomic baby carrier? BabyBjorn Harmony Baby Carrier is quite pricier than other types of baby carriers, but it does offer quality and value for the money.

This carrier will support your back as it comes with padded back support, and with the ease of adjustment, you can wear it for a very long time.

In addition to its many features, it does come designed with an apron with front clips that makes it convenient for you and your baby to get out. It is well made with breathable fabric and you can easily adjust it by watching BabyBjorn online video instruction on youtube.

WHY WE RECOMMEND IT: This BabyBjorn carrier has been carefully designed for both back and hip health. Aside from being easy to adjust, this comes with a wide lumbar support in the waist panel; hence it should help prevent any back or hip pain. Harmony carrier keeps your baby’s hip, and leg in a deep M shape which experts agree is the healthiest shape.

6. Ergobaby Omni 360 All-Position Baby Carrier – Best For All Body Types

Ergobaby Omni 360 All-Position Baby Carrier
Baby Carrier Pros
  • Provides 4 carrying positions
  • Adjustable head position.
Baby Carrier Cons
  • Quite tricky to fit in at first.

Ergobaby Omni 360 all-position baby carrier is another cool baby carrier worth getting. This offers 4 different carrying positions, and the padding is plush.

This is regarded as the game changer for baby carriers, and reviews show that it can be used for babies of all ages. The quality is excellent, and it is found to adapt to any shape easily.

This carrier also provides plenty of room for your baby to sleep comfortably, and it is well-loved by both moms and dads. Thanks to the brilliant design of this carrier, it provides excellent lumbar support and can be easily adjusted around the head and neck area.

WHY WE RECOMMEND IT: This is one of the best carriers you can find, it is designed for both dad and mum. Sling experts and baby-wearing consultants find this great for back pain and hip. The waistband and strap are both easy to adjust and although it’s a bit tricky to work out, there are some simple clips to make this easier.

7. Tula Baby Free to Grow Carrier – Best Baby Backpack Carrier

Tula Baby Free to Grow Carrier
Baby Carrier Pros
  • User friendly and fits for all
  • Lightweight and practical.
Baby Carrier Cons
  • Can take a moment to adjust the straps first time.

Looking for a carrier that works as a backpack? Baby Tula-free to grow comes in handy as a back carrier when your child feels too heavy in the front. This is another carrier mom’s love, and it has been declared comfortable and supportive. Tula baby carrier is practical, it is well made with a simple design, and there are no surplus clips, buckles, or pockets.

This baby carrier does not have a world-facing option; rather, it optimizes for the parent-facing and back-carrying options.

Hence, you have two options, but it is a great baby carrier, and the ergonomic design keeps your baby content and comfortable for a long time. This carrier distributes weight evenly, thereby helping to prevent backache.

WHY WE RECOMMEND IT: The key feature of this carrier is that it supports any baby weight without putting a strain on your back. Also, the fact that it is durable makes it come highly recommended. This carrier comes in lots of prints and colors in high-quality breathable fabric.

Wrapping Up

The baby carrier has been around for years, and moms have adopted this method because it makes things easier, there is less crying, and the baby drifts off to sleep faster. Babywearing also keeps your hands free; you can carry your baby while you attend to other things.

This is also why you must choose a baby carrier that is comfortable and supportive of your back and hip. The baby carriers picked in this buying guide are designed to evenly distribute the weight of your baby and are easy to adjust to fit multiple weights which is precisely what moms with back pains need.

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