25 Old Money Nails Ideas That Looks Great

Old Money Nails Ideas That Looks Great

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Old money nails are circulating in trends and if you are all in for neutral-based looks or love the old money-inspired look, these old money nails are a must-try. The Old Money Nails is a quietly sophisticated mani look, which is also why it is called the rich girl’s nail.

If you are looking for a nail idea that encapsulates beauty and quiet luxury, old-money nails are your ideal option. Old money nails give an understated sense of luxury, and the color of polish used is often nude or a typical red or rich blue.

Old money nails are really cute and wearable no matter the occasion. The vibe this nail type gives is ultra-chic and it is effortlessly elegant. Hence, we have compiled 25 fascinating old money nails that look great.

Old Money Nails Ideas

Keep in mind that old money nails are not exactly as eye-catching as the other nail trends making the rounds, but that is exactly why it is appealing. Luckily, we have rounded up countless ways you can put this old money nails idea on the spin.

1. Old Money Milky Nails

Old Money Milky Nails
Image: @handmade.tlv // Instagram

To ensure you get the best old money nails or looking to give off the rich aunty vibe effortlessly, this is your go-to nail of choice. When you think of a simple artistic nail design, this is a cool choice.

From the same to the simple white tone and blue stone dot in the middle, it is pretty adorable.

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2. Matte Nails

Matte Nails
Image: @classified_nails // Instagram

When in doubt, a matte nail design is your perfect choice. Matte is another old money nail idea, and it has been rediscovered to give the ultimate classy female vibe.

3. Old Money Baby Pink Nails

Old Money Baby Pink Nails
Image: @yvettmolnar // Instagram

Another old money nail idea that would look simple, but it is fascinating on any skin tone is the baby pink nails. It is stylish and pairs with any outfit.

4. Sheer Base Manicure

Sheer Base Manicure
Image: @olga_beauty_klim // Instagram

Next is another excellent old-money nail that is making the rounds when it comes to gorgeous nail ideas. These old money nails are wearable for any occasion.

5. Warm Neutral Nails

Warm Neutral Nails
Image: @kuypernailart // Instagram

We have to admit that warm neutral tones just pop up nicely against our skin tone. So, when there is a rich fancy event and there is nothing overly dramatic, here is the classy choice to go with.

6. Rose Gold Chrome Tips

Rose Gold Chrome Tips
Image: @thenailloft.ltd // Instagram

Next, we have these rose gold chrome tips, which pair nicely against dark skin and happen to be a gorgeous shade against dark and brown skin. It gives the rich girl energy.

7. Classic Brown Taupe Nails

Classic Brown Taupe Nails
Image: @mylacqueredlife // Instagram

When you are in doubt about what shade works best for your skin, brown or taupe is surely the color you can pick with confidence. It is nice, and you can add some extra layer of shine to it.

8. Pale Pink Creme Nails

Pale Pink Creme Nails
image: @sedjames // Instagram

Time to go an extra layer while keeping it simple at the same time. This looks white, but it is a pale pink crème that shines even more when sunlight shines on it.

9. Old Money Forest Green Nails

Old Money Forest Green Nails
Image: @mylacqueredlife // Instagram

Here is another old money nail that is joining the viral trend. This is also calm but adorable. It is a slightly eccentric nail paint that works for any occasion.

10. Red Old Money Nails

Red Old Money Nails
Image: @emily__meraki // Instagram

We all know that red polish is one of the nails that scream old money and sophistication. It is a warm neutral nail with lots of depth.

11. Smile Lines French Nails

Smile Lines French Nails
Image: @thenailloft.ltd // Instagram

Here is another classic neutral that started the old money nails trend. This works for both the minimalist at heart and those who love to go with a bit of glam.

12. Tortoise Shell Nails

Tortoise Shell Nails
Image: @learnahstarbuck_nailartist // Instagram

To embrace the quiet luxury life, this is the suitable old money nails for that. This is ideal for dinner night, or you need to create a slightly eccentric style.

13. Almond Champagne Nails

Almond Champagne Nails
image: @setsbyathenaa // Instagram

The champagne nail is another ultimate ”old money” nail that is no doubt understated. When you talk about combining glam and simplicity, this nail gives you the perfect answer.

14. Hybrid Nude Nails

Hybrid Nude Nails
Image: @beauty_by_ann_ // Instagram

For some drool-worthy nails, here are the perfect ones to go for. This is a classy iconic old money nail, and it will be around for a very long time.

15. Structured Gel Mani

Structured Gel Mani
Image: @nailsdonewright // Instagram

The goal of creating old money nails i to be creative while ensuring the nail polish is as simple and calm as possible.

16. Micro Glitter French Nails

Micro Glitter French Nails
Image: @v.nailedit // Instagram

To lean into the quicker side of the aesthetically pleasing old money nail ideas, opt for this detailed nail design. The tip is giving the classy adorable girl vibe.

17. Elegant Lettuce Green Nails

Elegant Lettuce Green Nails
Image: @chika_juanail // Instagram

Elegant lettuce green is setting a trend of its own, and the rich tone no doubt is becoming one of the coolest summer nail ideas. These nails will make you feel like having some green tea.

18. Pink Tips

Pink Tips
Image: @mynailgirlness // Instagram

So, here is another old money nail that depicts that perfectly. This will stand out no matter the occasion.

19. Burgundy Old Money Nails

Burgundy Old Money Nails
Image: @elsgels // Instagram

Pull inspo from this burgundy nail design. Rather than get the straight burgundy nail polish, this is made using a mix, and it comes up gorgeous.

20. Muted Nails Combo

Muted Nails Combo
Image: @polished_yogi // Instagram

For drool-worthy nails, go for this muted nail combo. The prints all give a rich vibe that would pair nicely with your Hermes bag.

21. Neutral Brown Nails

Neutral Brown Nails
Image: @fashionablykay // Instagram

Consider wearing these calm brown nails when you are going on a date or probably a boat cruise and need to show off the old-money vibe. A lighter caramel will work as well.

22. Minimalist White Flourishes

Minimalist White Flourishes
Image: @candybeauty_kz // Instagram

Old money nails are no doubt meant to be minimal, which is why this nail is picked. It features everything that screams elegance and also makes your hand look good no matter the shape.

23. Delicate Base Nails

Delicate Base Nails
Image: @monika__nails // Instagram

There is practically nothing that does not go with a neutral tone, so if you are skeptical about going for a pink shade, here is a neutral one that feels just right.

24. Monochrome Abstract Nails

Monochrome Abstract Nails
Image: @racheljames // Instagram

When you think of a rich aunty with amazing nails at dinner, then you will likely remember this being the most common nail adorning her finger. This is one of the oldest old money nails and it will be in trend for a very long time.

25. Cute Blue And Heart French Tip

Cute Blue And Heart French Tip
Image: @fashionis_nails // Instagram

From the shade to the shape, these old money nails explode with sheer elegance and class. It is not just one of the hottest nail trends, but the rich tone gives a symbol of direct old money, which also is a simple Mani that is wearable for all occasions.

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