Are Sour Patch Kids Kosher? (Definitive Answer)

Are Sour Patch Kids Kosher

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Keeping a very healthy kosher diet comes with lots of unique benefits. However, every now and now one can have a sweet tooth and consider enjoying some sour patch kids along with your children.

Sour patch kids are gummy and chewable candies that taste fantastic as they are sour, and sweet. It has a super crunchy sugar coating. That is pretty exciting for kids and adults; your kids will love this treat.

Nonetheless, no matter how sweet and delightful this candy is, it is always safer and better to pause to decipher whether they are kosher-friendly. Hence the question, are sour patch kids kosher?

No, sour patch kids are not kosher. Sore patch kids have not been kosher certified. Although they do not contain gelatin, there is a high chance that some artificial flavors and coloring are derived from animal products, especially pork.

This article provides answers to the question in the simplest form possible. You will also discover whether sour patch kids are vegan-safe and the right choice to fit your family’s dietary framework.

Quick Kosher Overview For You

Kosher means following a strict diet concerning the Judaism dietary rules. This set of rules includes appropriate kosher meals, how these meals should be prepared, and ingredients to avoid. That said, most Jewish people stick to these dietary rules to strengthen their relationship with God and show reverence.

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Kosher is obtained from the Hebrew word “Kasher” which means fit or proper. The kosher laws state all the meals that are proper or improper for consumption; it also defines the combination of foods that should be avoided.

Foods that are prepared with forbidden ingredients like meat and dairy or meals cooked using the same pot or cooking utensils as animal-based products are reclassified as improper for consumption.

Why Are Sour Patch Kids Not Kosher?

Because of some ingredients, sour patch kids don’t fit into the kosher lifestyle. That said, sour patch kids are not tagged or certified kosher-friendly by the manufacturers even though they do not contain gelatin.

The reason why sour patch kids are not considered kosher appropriate is because of the artificial flavors. These flavors are mainly derived from animal-based products such as pork.

If you are adhering to the kosher dietary guidelines in your home, staying away from sour patch kids is the best thing to do.

Sour Patch Kids Ingredients

Most ingredients in sour patch kids may be misleading as they do not sound the “stay away” alarm for people following the kosher diet.

However, artificial flavorings may have traces of meat-based products, which is why sour patch kids’ packaging doesn’t have the usual “U” sign that certifies it to be kosher-safe. That said, here are the various ingredients used in sour patch kids;

  • Artificial Flavors
  • Artificial Coloring
  • Citric Acid
  • Corn syrup
  • Modified Corn Starch
  • Natural Flavors
  • Tartaric Acid
  • Sugar

Top 5 Kosher Candy Alternatives

Many companies produce kosher-appropriate candies for people complying with the Jewish dietary law. Although these kosher-certified candies are many, the following are the 5 favorite candies that you and your kids can safely enjoy without breaking the kosher rules;

1. M&M’s

M&M’s milk chocolate is all kosher certified. Keeping kosher doesn’t mean you wouldn’t have sweet tooth; however, most goodies from M&M are safe to fit into a kosher diet.

2. Buttermints

If you go to a public gathering or a wedding ceremony and you find buttermints as one of the treats, rest assured that you can indulge in this treat even if you are adhering to the kosher dietary laws.

3. Jelly Belly

There is absolutely nothing to worry about jelly belly jelly beans as all kosher dietary rules have been followed strictly during the production process. This sweet treat does not contain any animal-based products.

4. Dove Chocolate Promises

Kosher or not, who doesn’t love tasty chocolate goodness? Dove chocolate promises your satisfy any sugar craving while maintaining a kosher diet. This treat also comes with an amazing, and encouraging message in each wrap.

5. Mystery Laffy Taffy Ropes

Your kids will definitely love this sweet treat as they are chewy and extra soft. The flavors are a mystery, and they are certainly kosher-certified.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Vegans Eat Sour Patch Kids?

This may be a bit controversial to answer, but it is best for vegans to avoid sour patch kids as may not be appropriate for their diet. Most people assume that sour patch kids are vegan friendly because gelatin isn’t mentioned as one of its ingredients, however some other ingredients are not very vegan proof

Are sour patch kids gluten free?

Yes, sour patch kids are gluten free as they do not contain any wheat based products that can be harmful to individuals with gluten related health issues.

Are sour punch straws kosher?

Yes, sour punch straws is kosher. Sour punch straws can be enjoyed by kids and adults that are following the kosher dietary laws strictly.


Keeping kosher shouldn’t restrict you from satisfy you sweet tooth or that of your kids, however, sour patch kids is not an ideal candy for a kosher diet as the artificial flavor have traces of animal based product such as pork.

This is why it is highly recommended to stay away from sour patch kids. Nonetheless, there are a wide range of kosher appropriate candies you can safely enjoy, most of which have been mentioned in this article.

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