Baby Makes Clicking Sound When Sleeping Explained

Baby Makes Clicking Sound When Sleeping

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Babies have a long list of weird things they do and making clicking sounds when they are asleep is one of them. Cute and cuddly as they may be, it can be really tough to understand some of their behaviors.

While some pick up the sudden habit of rubbing themselves on the furniture, others tend to pull their ears when they are tired. It is a myriad of challenges when dealing with infants, it doesn’t really matter if you are a proficient mom or a neomama there is always a point of oblivion every parent reaches.

You might have noticed the clicking sound every time you nurse your baby and pay no mind to it because it seems normal but when they sleep can be baffling enough to cause you to worry. You may begin to wonder if this is an indication of a problem or not.

In this blog post, we will explain why the baby is making those clicking sounds when they are asleep and offer tips on what can be done about it. Now, let’s delve right into it.

Reasons Behind Clicking Sounds In Babies

There are many reasons why babies make clicking sounds when they are asleep and many a time there is no cause for worry. That said, the following are the possible reasons why your baby is making this sound while they sleep;

1. Suckling In Sleep

For clarity, your baby is just either dreaming about sucking and making them sound in reality unknowingly. Just like when they smile in their sleep, it is possible for babies to dream about latching on to their mother’s breasts and act it out causing them to make the click-click sound with their mouths.

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2. Poor Tongue Mobility

In some cases, this sound can be an indication of poor tongue mobility caused by a tongue-tie. If your baby makes this sound when they are being breastfed or bottlefed and also while they are sleeping you should consider talking to a doctor about it.

3. Congestion

If your baby is experiencing nasal congestion, it can cause them to make this sound while they are asleep. Breathing can be quite difficult for babies especially when they sleep. For this reason, you should consider cleaning out your baby’s nasal passage before bedtime and offering medication to help alleviate this condition.

4. Thrush

Although thrush comes with different signs, making the clicking sound is one symptom to note. Other signs of thrush also include trouble sucking, irritability and fussiness, and white creamy lesions inside the baby’s mouth. If your baby shows any of these signs along with the clicking sound, you should visit a healthcare practitioner for guidance.

5. Snoring

Snoring can sometimes contribute to babies’ clicking sounds while they are asleep. Babies have narrow airways, so when dry air escapes it can sometimes sound like a clicking, rattling, or even wheezing sound.

How To Stop The Clicking Sound In Babies

In a lot of cases clicking sound is no cause for alarm; however, if you are not still convinced and you are seeking out ways to stop them from making this sound in general, here are a few things you can try;

  1. Roll up a small towel or use a baby pillow that would elevate your baby’s head and consider using a more comfortable bedding that would encourage a soundless sleep.
  2. If your baby is congested, ensure to clear out the nasal passage to help them breathe better while they sleep.
  3. Be very observant about what sleeping position causes your baby to snore and make the clicking sound, once you have gotten a hang of that, try out other safe sleeping positions that can reduce the clicking sound or stop it altogether.
  4. In the case where your baby has a tongue tie, thrush, or severe nasal congestion, seek advice from a pediatrician and follow medical instructions.

Final Note

Some parents find the clicking sound cute while others worry about it, whatever the case may be, it is best to understand why your baby makes this sound to decipher if there is a problem with their health.

To help all mothers and fathers better grasp the situation, we have put together a clear explanation and suggested tips on what to do when the clicking sound persists. Happy parenting!

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