Baby Cries When All Lights Turned Off: What To Do

Baby Cries When All Lights Turned Off

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Does your cry whenever the lights are turned off? We know all what it’s like to be afraid of the dark; even as an adult, I’ve had my fair share of being scared of the darkness; now imagine what it is like for your baby.

Every parent always looks forward to their baby’s bedtime as this is the time to relax from a long day of babysitting and caring for the little one.

It is heartbreak when the baby becomes fussy and suddenly cries each time the lights are turned off. This gets you pondering on what you can do to discourage this behavior, as the environment needs to be calm and dark for babies to fall into deep sleep.

In this article, we will provide tips and tricks you can adopt to help your baby get used to sleeping with the lights off; we will also offer the reason why your baby hates it when it is lights out. Stick around.

Why Does My Baby Cry When The Lights Are Off?

If you always hear the “wah wah’ sound when you switch off the light and then suddenly quiet when the lights are turned back on, you will definitely be forced to ask questions like why does this happen? Well, there are a variety of reasons why and they include;

Baby crying when lights go off
Source: Evan-Amos//Wikimedia Commons

1. Baby Is Used To Sleeping With The Lights On

This is usually the case for a lot of babies. If you started off by leaving the lights on when the baby is asleep, the baby’s brain picks up on that and terms it as normal. When there is no reflection of light in their eyes, the baby might revolt due to the fact that darkness is not what he is used to.

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2. Fear Of The Dark

Darkness can be quite unsettling not only for toddlers but also for babies too. There is a fear of the unknown and the feeling of vulnerability attached to being in the dark and this may be exactly how your baby feels when the lights go off.

3. Hunger

There is a chance your baby is just being fussy about the lights going off because he is hungry or not feeling well-fed yet. Your baby communicates his displeasure and doesn’t want to be left alone without being fed.

4. Pain And Discomfort

Crying and fussiness are the baby’s major means of communication. Crying might not be associated with the lights going off but due to some discomfort or pain. For example, if gas is stuck in your baby’s digestive system, this could cause pain or make your baby uncomfortable. Also, your baby might be due for a diaper change.

How To Help Babies Sleep Better With The Lights Off

It is not best practice to allow babies to sleep with the lights on, not only does turning off the light promote sleep but it can also improve the quality of your little one’s sleep. Although it might seem impregnable at first, there are several things to do that can help babies can feel safe, secure, and restful with the lights off and they are as follows;

Sleepy Baby
Source: Martin Falbisoner //Wikimedia Commons

1. Dim The Lights In Your Baby’s Room

If your nursery light has a dimming function you should consider dimming the lights at first if your baby is not entirely comfortable with sleeping in the dark.

2. Create A Cozy Environment

Make sure your baby’s bedding is as comfortable as ever, and the temperature is appropriate for the baby. Reduce the noise and eliminate any form of distractions or disturbances.

You can also safely wrap the baby in your arms and gently rock them to deep sleep before laying them down. This will ensure that the baby feels comfortable, cozy, relaxed, restful, and ready to retire for the day.

3. Use White Noise

White noise is every mother’s sleep hack for their babies as it works like magic! Babies find this sound very comforting g and relaxing and then boom in no time your baby will fall asleep even with the lights off.

4. Consider Feeding The Baby

You should try to feed the baby as your baby could be fussy due to hunger. Be sure to avoid overfeeding your baby in the process.

5. Check For Any Sign Of Discomfort

Your baby may not be crying due to the lights being off. If you just breastfed your baby, try to burp the baby, also check the baby’s diaper to see if your baby has pooped, and clean them up.

Final Thoughts

Babies can be puzzling at times so it can be confusing when they throw a fit when you turn the lights off in the nursery.

It is best to understand that there are specific reasons why this happens, which can be due to your baby being used to sleeping with the lights on, being scared of the dark, hungry, or experiencing some pain or discomfort.

This article contains five tips you can adopt that can help encourage your little one to sleep better at night with the lights off.

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