Can A Grey Baby Tooth Turn White Again?

Can A Grey Baby Tooth Turn White Again

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Does your kid have a grey baby tooth and you are hoping it will turn white again? One common concern that many parents have is usually related to their kids’ dental health. When it comes to the discoloration of a baby’s tooth, it is natural to spot a grey, darkened, or discolored tooth.

While it is inevitable for a child to lose a tooth or more at age 5 – 7, it can be disturbing to notice a grey stain or spot on their baby tooth, and so you can’t help to wonder if it will ever turn white again or if it will remain the same.

Fortunately, there is a possibility of a grey baby tooth turning white again. However, several factors can determine if this can happen. Making sure that proper care and treatment as advised by your pediatric dentist are followed can help achieve the results you hope for.

In this article, we will explore all the factors contributing to baby tooth discoloration, explain the potential reasons for a grey baby tooth, and delve into the treatment and remedy of this dental issue. Let’s get into it.

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Potential Causes Of Grey Baby Tooth

There are several factors that cause your kid’s tooth to turn grey, here are the commons reasons why this happens;

1. Trauma

If your kid was a victim of a fall or an accident and the dentition was affected by the fall, this can be a cause of the grey tooth. Trauma such as an injury to the tooth can disrupt the blood flow to the affected tooth, thereby leading to discoloration.

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When tooth decay is left untreated can also lead to your child’s tooth turning grey or discolored. Other teeth-related issues such as pulp necrosis occur when the inner part of the teeth is damaged or infected and this can result in the tooth getting grey.

3. Medications / Drinks

Certain medications like tetracycline antibiotics, when taken during pregnancy or during infancy may cause discoloration to the developing tooth. If your little one has been administered antibiotic drugs or iron supplements, you should consider them being the cause.

Some foods and drinks like coffee, sodas, or other sugary juices can also contribute to the build-up of grey color on the tooth.

Remedies For Turning Grey Baby Tooth White

While it may not always be naturally possible to restore a grey baby tooth to white, it is still good news that there are ways to give it a try. So if you notice that your child’s tooth has turned grey and you are in need of solutions to make it white, here are the following things you should do;

1. Practice Good Oral Hygiene

Make sure to encourage your child to brush at least twice a day and also provide them with very good kiddies toothpaste and soft-bristled manual or electric toothbrushes to help combat the grey stain. Do not forget to also include flossing as a regular part of their oral hygiene.

2. Protect Teeth From Trauma

Opting for ways to prevent tooth trauma is very important to avoid causing more damage to the tooth. Ensure that your child wears protective mouthguards when engaging in sports or other physical activities to minimize the risks.

3. Monitor Closely

You want to make sure that there are no signs of infection so it is best to watch your child closely. If you notice swelling or the face or gums it is best to take it up with a medical personnel right away.

4. Consult A Dentist

Seeking medical advice is very crucial in finding an accurate cause and a lasting solution to this issue. A dentist can accurately diagnose the cause and recommend the appropriate treatment for the grey tooth. Treatments that may be recommended include dental cleaning or other medical procedures that best suit the specific situation.

5. Regular Dental Checkups

You should consider scheduling regular dental checkups for your child. This is because routine visits will allow the dentist to follow up on the progress of the tooth and administer adjustments to the treatment plan if and when necessary.

How Long Will It Take For A Grey Milk Tooth To Turn White?

The time a grey baby tooth takes to turn white depends on the underlying cause of the discoloration and the particular treatment approach used. In some cases, a grey milk tooth returning to its initial color could take up to 6 months or less.

In other cases, it could take longer due to the severity of the discoloration and the treatment technique. So it is best to understand that there isn’t a set or particular time frame for recovery of a discolored tooth and be patient in the process.

That said, for a correct estimation of the timeframe, make sure to ask your pediatric dentist these questions as they can assess the situation professionally and provide personalized answers.


Baby tooth turning grey can be a concerning issue for some parents and while it may not be possible to guarantee a complete restoration of the tooth’s natural state in some cases, there are other cases that can achieve good results with the appropriate treatment.

Ensure to consult with a dentist as soon as possible in other to start treatment on time before it becomes severe, also make sure to maintain good oral hygiene and strictly follow medical instructions. Good luck!

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