Knotted Baby Hair: Detangling, Managing & Care Tips

Knotted Baby Hair

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As a mom who has constantly had to deal with detangling my baby’s fine-knotted hair, I understand this cry for help. Hair care was usually a strenuous activity that I didn’t look forward to owing to the fact that the sight of my daughter’s tangled wet hair was scary.

Typically, it is natural for your child’s hairs to go through all the stages of hair growth, however, having to consistently keep up with the inevitable changes can be off-setting for some parents. At the final stage of your child’s hair development, (which is usually from two years and above), the hairs become thicker and fuller and even more difficult to manage.

In the full course of time, having to brush through these hairs would become a major challenge as parents will have to consider trying as much as possible to protect the hairs whilst avoiding hurting the child’s scalp. For me, this was my ceaseless predicament until I set out to find out ways to tackle the knots.

And I must admit that saying my final goodbyes to knotted hairs is a deep relief for me and my daughter when I got a hang of how to deal with the issue. So if you are experiencing an enigma with your baby’s knotted hair and you are in need of hair care tips to get you past this issue, then you have arrived at the right place.

In this article, I will be spilling all the teas on painlessly detangle, and manage for your little one’s knotted hairs. You will also be discovering new hair care tips to help maintain a knot-free baby hair. Do stick around.

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Easy Steps On How To Detangle Knotted Baby Hairs

Baby hair that is crammed up with knots is a most definitely a lot to deal with. As a result of how active and bubbly kids can be, it is almost impossible to escape this ordeal. However, adopting the following steps can help harness the situation;

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Step 1: Provide Distractions

As parents, we know how kids would be all over the place when there is no interesting activity that can keep them distracted. Detangling your baby’s hair is obviously a task you do not enjoy and be sure to understand that your little one doesnt as well.

So lets say, it is very paramount to offer your child with a little “bribe” to ensure that they stay put while you work your way through their hair. A personal trick I use is tuning in to my daughter’s favorite kiddies’ show. I will have her sit in her high chair and spread out her most cherished toys to keep her engrossed without paying much attention to what I am doing with her hair.

This usually works 98% of the time, the 2% left is my daughter attempting to get up and find something else to do. Every child is different so it is best to figure out and utilize what distraction will work best for you.

Step 2: Make Use of Detangling Spray

Over time, I have discovered that making detangling spray my best friend is the best way to go. Not only do it help soften the hairs, but it also provides nourishment and moisture to your baby’s scalp. Detangling spray is the cheat code to make hair care routine as hassle free as possible.

You only need to spray on a minimal amount of the detangling spray or apply a leave-in conditioner of your liking on dampened hair, work your hands through the hair to massage, and even distribute the spray around the hair.

Step 3: Gently Brush Through

In this process, it is always easier to walk your hand through your baby’s hair to loosen out the knots before using a hair brush or comb to perfect detangling the hair.

While working with the brush, make sure to start brushing from the tip first before going on to comb out the hair from the root. This technique helps reduce the stress that may be put on the scalp when the brush encounters a knot all the way down.

Tips On Managing And Caring For Your Baby Hair

If you are fed up with dealing with knotted hairs time after time, it is expected that would be on the lookout for tips to keep the situation under control and preventive measures to take. Here are the hints you will find very helpful;

  1. Invest in the right set of hair tools for your baby’s hair, the makes it so easy for parents to keep up with regular hair care.
  2. Take hair care very seriously. Depending on your baby’s hair type (curly, or straight), there should be days specially dedicated to treating and caring for your child’s hair.
  3. Wash your baby’s hair with effective kiddies shampoo.
  4. Never skip conditioner. Conditioner are very important hair tool for your baby’s hair, it helps moisten and soften the hair.
  5. Regularly comb or brush your child’s hair. Make it a morning ritual to treat the hair before they go on with their day.
  6. Occasionally trim your baby’s hair, as this will help maintain knot-free hair all month long. One of the reasons why your baby is always tangled is when the hair is not properly trimmed.

Important Tools For Detangling Baby Hair

Detangling your baby hair can tasking no doubt but there are several hair tools that I have utilized that makes my daughter’s hair care routine hassle-free and seamless. From hairbrush to detangling spray, here are my secret detangling tools;

I have used a couple of detangling sprays but none had as much immediate detangling effect as the Fairy Tales Tangle Tamer Detangling Spray. This detangling spray contains a lot of nourishing ingredients that help achieve a soft hair texture and also maintain a healthy hair. I also adore the fragrance and the fact that this spray is paraben, soy, nut, dairy, and gluten-free.

I confidently recommend this brush especially for baby hairs because of how sleek it is in detangling even the tiniest knots in my baby’s hair. This brush is thorough when loosening tangles and also gentle when separating the hairs. Its unique design allows the brush to painlessly glide through the hair witout pulling the scalp.

I absolutely love Aveeno kids hydrating shampoo and conditioner for countless reason, for one the 2 in 1 feature makes it very easy for me to wash and condition my baby’s hair at the same time. It also has a noticeable hydrating effect on my baby’s hair strands. After each hair wash my daughter hair achieves a soft, luscious and hydtrated appearance.

Wrapping Up

Knotted baby hairs can be a major headache for parents, so it’s profitable to pay regular care and attention to your child’s hair in order to prevent the knots from forming. Utilizing basic but effective hair care tools will make a huge difference. Take all the necessary steps mentioned in this article to detangle knotted baby hairs and also put the caring tips suggested to good use.

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