19 November Nail Styles You’ll Love

November Nail Styles You'll Love

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Need some November nail style Inspo? November is that of the year when a lot of festive activities are being prepared for, and it is also the Thanksgiving season, hence it is understandable to get your nails to show off the season.

When we talk about November nail styles, we are talking about warm oranges, moody metallic, festive neutral, and even a neutral or two.

While November is always a busy time preparing for Thanksgiving and the coming Christmas and New Year, you should set some time aside for self-care. One of the fun ways to do that is to get nail colors that feature the month’s celebration color palette.

Once you have nailed down the menu and seating arrangements for an occasion, we have to say the next big thing includes getting your nails dazzling. For inspiration on autumnal nail styles to kick-start November and get creative with Thanksgiving nail arts, we have just the perfect nail styles for you.

19 November Nail Styles You’ll Love

November’s nails should be a chance to stay out with the old and in with the new. Simply put, you need nail styles that announce the holiday season. So, here are 19 November nail styles you will love.

1. Neutral Shades November Combo

Neutral Shades November Combo
Image: @pop_polished // Instagram

Nothing is stopping you from combining all of your neutral colors to create something as fascinating as this.

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This is a nail design that I am currently in love with, and it happens to be quite trendy right now. This November nail art also coordinates with all of your fall attire, taking it to another level entirely.

2. Pink Golden Glaze

Pink Golden Glaze

Pink nail polish is becoming more fun and adorable. While pink is often the color that comes to mind when we think of girlie nail design, it does not have to be overly dramatic. Keeping it simple and cute like this makes it the perfect November nail style.

3. Blue And Orange Fall Leave Nail Style

Blue And Orange Fall Leave Nail Style

These Fall nail designs are eye-catching. They no doubt make the perfect Thanksgiving nail idea and even beyond the festive season. Mix up the colors if you, and make the orange pop if you want a bold look. Also, this can work as a simple neat manicure.

4. Plain Shiny Brown

Plain Shiny Brown

A natural base coat has been used in creating this design and while it is plain, it happens to be an on-trend nail style. This warm-toned color palette helps keep things simple and works perfectly for beginners who like their nails to stand out, but nothing too dramatic.

5. Autumn/Halloween Mani

AutumnHalloween Mani

For another on-trend look that will give you a spicy look, go for this Halloween and autumn nail style. This is quite simple and you can work with another fall color of choice. This look is quite perfect for Thanksgiving as well.

6. Hybrid Bat Nail Design

Hybrid Bat Nail Design
Image: @donatam_nails // Instagram

This well-applied combination of pink and black design is not going anywhere anytime soon. It is quite a pretty color and the name stems from the simple bat art on top of it. You can make it more interesting by adding more bat art to each nail.

7. Fall Leaf Thanksgiving Nails

Fall Leaf Thanksgiving Nails

Want to get the picture-perfect pattern of the changes of leaves, this sure gives you that idea. This has the potential of getting you compliments right at the dinner table, it is adorable and sophisticated.

8. Reverse Black French Nails

Reverse Black French Nails

If fall leaves nails are not your thing, here is another ideal November nail style you can go for. You can forgo the warm colors of the season and go for black, it is bold, not overly bright, and still brings warmth to the season.

9. Bright Autumn Vibes

Bright Autumn Vibes
Image: @nail.brat // Instagram

Another nail style that completely forgoes the warm tone of fall and embraces these bold bright colors is this design. This is a little reminder that the holiday season is right around the corner, and it is perfect for the Christmas holiday as well.

10. Turkey Feather Thanksgiving Nails

Turkey Feather Thanksgiving Nails
Image: @nailartbysofia // Instagram

These Turkey feather nail designs are so iconic, and you can rock them any time of the year. The brown combo works well, so you can also get creative with it.

11. Spring Dainty Decal Nails

Spring Dainty Decal Nails
Image: @ginailed.it // Instagram

The festive month does not always have to be red and brown, something warm and calm is quite fitting. Sneak some white nails there to spice things up. If you are not much into crystals, get some flower art into it.

12. French Manicure With Gold Sequins

French Manicure With Gold Sequins

Nothing screams the month of November as much as this nail style. The glossy finish no doubt adds some fanciness and beauty to it. Each nail ranges from solid to artful which is pretty hard not to love.

13. Classic Red Nails

Classic Red Nails

The classic red nail design is not going anywhere anytime soon. The neutral flower shades help add some fun to it and also spice things up. This design is a really cute one, and it is perfect if you want the festive feeling right on your fingers.

14. Sparkling Night Sky Nails

Sparkling Night Sky Nails

This is the season of stars and moon hence why this design is practically winning hearts. This design gives all the festive season vibe, and you can be sure it helps highlight the prepping to be done in November. It might look complex, but it doesn’t take time to do at all.

15. Fall Freestyle Nails With Hearts

Fall Freestyle Nails With Hearts

Want to create a November nail style with a balance? This has a calm contemporary look which tends to grow on anyone who loves acrylic nails. This is giving all sorts of autumn vibes and I love it!

16. Nail Sea Design

Nail Sea Design

If you are into swirl nail designs but also want something more fancy added to it, here is the ideal design to try. Nail Sea Design has been around for a while and happens to dominate every November nail ideas. If you are not planning to dress up the turkey yourself, this is a cool nail design for Thanksgiving.

17. Pastel And Blue Shade Nails

Pastel And Blue Shade Nails

For simple but eye-catching nail styles, get two blue shades paired with pastel and wrap it up with a chrome jewel design. This is a really fun and colorful nail design that gives you the maximum effect of Thanksgiving and even Christmas.

18. Orange And Black Nail Design

Orange And Black Nail Design

This patterned nail design is pretty exciting and while it might not look bright at first glance, it gets better the more you look. This nail style depicts the holiday season and fashion perfectly.

19. Simple White Structured Nail Art

Simple White Structured Nail Art

Who doesn’t love a white-structured nail design? This is a classic French nail tip that can easily coordinate with all of your fall attire. In addition to that, you can make a statement with any design of your choice and include gemstones to balance things out.

Honestly, though, you can never get enough of nail styles that are tailored for the month of November. So, as you get ready for all the festive holidays in November and beyond, with this list, your nails can be on par as well.

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