Baby Falls Asleep Breastfeeding But Wakes When Put Down

Baby Falls Asleep Breastfeeding But Wakes When Put Down

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Quick Facts

  1. Every mom has had a similar experience, so you are not alone!
  2. Baby can easily tell when they are put down after sleeping because of their natural sense of separation.
  3. Holding babies in your arms while they sleep for too long is not advisable.
  4. Separation anxiety is The most significant reason babies wake up when laid to sleep.
  5. Your baby is not behaving this way to frustrate you, they feel safer and more at ease when cuddled.

It can be frustrating when you lay your baby down after falling asleep while breastfeeding, but he wakes up crying the minute his back touches the bassinet. This is even more draining when you are trying to get some sleep yourself, and your baby keeps repeating this.

Many mothers have had similar experiences countless times, so rest assured that you are not alone in this. This often makes mums feel sleep-deprived and stuck, especially if the baby keeps screaming to be carried and cuddled in your arms again.

And it is absolutely relatable to wonder why your babies wake up when laid down after sleeping off while breastfeeding and what do you do in this situation?

The main reason is separation anxiety. Babies tend to wake up because the moment they are put down their bodies alerts them of possible abandonment by their caregiver.

Naturally, babies have this sense of safety when they are being held and will throw a fit when they are being left alone. This usually occurs when the baby is between 6 – 9 months, however, it is good to keep in mind that your baby is not trying to purposely piss you off or frustrate you.

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In this article, you will discover all that you need to know about what to do and a few tips on how to better handle the situation each time it happens.

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Is It Okay To Allow Baby Sleep In Your Arms?

No. it is not safe to hold your for too long when they are asleep. While this might seem like a quick and easy fix to this issue, it is not advisable to let your baby sleep in your arms, especially in cases where you also need to get some sleep.

There is not only the risk of the baby falling from your arms, but you might also be subjecting yourself to having to deal with your baby not being able to sleep on their own except when held. However, a baby falling on the floor can cause Sudden Infant Death (SIDs), mainly in newborns.

Allowing your baby to sleep for a long time in your arms can also lead to a more serious case of separation anxiety in babies and cause them to feel like they are in danger when laid down in their bassinet.

Why Do Babies Wake Up When Put Down?

At the dire moment when your baby keeps waking up right after you put them down, you will ask the most obvious question; Why? The most significant reason is that babies can naturally perceive separation.

And most of the time, they do not want to be away from their caregivers due to fear of the unknown. So you are probably wondering: How can babies tell that you put them down even in their sleep?

They can tell when they are separated from you through their skin. When they can’t feel the skin’s softness or body heat, your baby’s senses can immediately tell they are no longer in your arms. Another way they can tell is if they can no longer smell your breastmilk; babies have a sensitive sense of smell and can immediately tell that you are away from them.

Ultimately separation anxiety is the major reason why babies wake up after sleeping off while breastfeeding. And it is best to understand that your baby is not trying to punish you or piss you off they feel more at ease, safe, and secure when caregivers are holding them.

However, a fragment of the reason babies wake up is that you try to lay them down too soon when they have not fully fallen asleep.

Author’s Note

Parenting can be very tasking and overwhelming, however, keep in mind that this issue is temporary and it will pass. Take a deep breath, and be patient when dealing with this issue. If possible, ask for help from family and friends if you are feeling sleep-deprived.

What To Do When Baby Wakes When Put Down After Breastfeeding

Now that you understand that your baby is not intentionally trying to annoy or frustrate you; it is time to check knowing what to do off the list. But firstly you must learn to put your patience to good use because you would need it a lot to be able to deal with this situation;

1. Pick Baby Up

You want to immediately take your baby back into your arms, to prevent them from getting fully aware and awake. The truth is if you hesitate for too long about picking your baby up, their sleepiness can fade off and it will become harder to put them back to sleep.

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2. Rock Or Soothe Baby To Sleep

Make quick use of the fact that your baby is still sleepy. And to put your baby back to sleep, you might have to rock or soothe them. Make sure to not rock your baby too hard. Also, ensure that you do not overfeed your baby in the bid to put them back to sleep.

3. Make Sure Baby Has Fallen Into Deep Sleep

Ever heard of the “limp limb” rule? Okay, now you have. The limp limb rule means waiting until your baby is completely and deeply asleep before laying them down. It is appropriate to wait for about 20 minutes before attempting to put the baby down, around this time it is almost certain that your baby is deep.

4. Slowly And Gently Put Baby Down

Be very careful when laying the baby to sleep. Make sure the room is void of any form of noise. If your baby is bottle feeding or breastfeeding when they fall asleep, gently unlatch the bottle or nipple from their mouth.

How To Deal With Nighttime Separation Anxiety In Babies

Preventing nighttime separation is better than dealing with it every night. The following are the ways you can stop or reduce it;

  1. Try to encourage independence in babies by preventing your baby from regularly sleeping in your arms for too long.
  2. Adhere to a bedtime routine.
  3. You can try to nurse your baby while lying down. This can make nursing mothers more comfortable and easy to unlatch the breasts and leave them unnoticed once the baby has fallen asleep.
  4. Try to wedge your baby carefully with a warm pillow used while nursing. This is a good decoy and works almost all the time.
  5. Make sure your baby’s bedding is comfortable and soft enough. Also, swaddle your baby properly to keep them cozy and warm.

Wrapping Up

Just when you are about to call it a night after just laying your baby to sleep after nursing them to sleep, the last thing you want to hear is your baby crying. As frustrating and annoying as it may be you will certainly want to know why and what to do.

Fortunately, this article answers all your questions and provides helpful tips on how to deal with this situation. Keep being a super mum, you’ve got this!

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