Can Toddlers Eat Medium Well Steak?

Can Toddlers Eat Medium Well Steak?

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Skeptical about introducing medium-well steak to your toddler? For what it’s worth, steak is a fantastic source of protein, iron, vitamins, and zinc.

And these nutrients are essential for a child’s brain development, energy metabolism, and general growth. But when it comes to feeding your kid with steak that is not well done, there comes the fear of foodborne illness that you don’t think your toddler will be able to handle. You begin to wonder “can toddlers eat medium-well steak?”

Yes, they can. Medium-well steak is quite close to getting well done, which implies that the harmful bacteria or parasites have been wiped out in the process of cooking it. And you don’t have to be worried or bothered about foodborne diseases like listeriosis and toxoplasmosis. 

We can’t discuss steak without mentioning the risks of feeding them to toddlers rare, medium-rare, or medium. As pregnant women have been advised to stay away from these kinds of steak, the same applies to toddlers as there can be serious risks involved.

However, medium-well steak, as well as well-done steak, are safe options for toddlers. Not to mention that the nutrients are beneficial and vital to them. You’ll find all you need to know about feeding medium-well steaks to your toddler right here in this article.

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Can Toddlers Eat Medium Well Steak?

Yes, toddlers can eat medium-well steak. When it comes to feeding toddlers a lot of parents get confused about what is best for them and what should be avoided. Nonetheless, in this case, parents should not be hesitant about introducing their toddlers to steak. Why? Because steak is rich in nutrients and minerals that would help your child grow and it is great for their cognitive development. 

Transitioning from feeding babies milk to solid can be challenging for some parents but trust me when I say your toddler would love the taste of steak even without a complete set of teeth. 

Medium-well steak (unlike the rare, medium rare, and medium steak) is a good choice for them, as it is void of toxic parasites that could be harmful to their bodies. Although well-done steak might be the safer option for your toddler because it cooks longer, it does not mean that medium-well steak is bad for them.

In fact, many people believe medium-well steak is best when compared to all other kinds of steak. So don’t be afraid of giving medium-well steak to your toddler as you’ll be making a fabulous choice.

Various Doneness Levels For Steaks 

Apart from medium-well steak, there are different doneness levels for steak, ranging from rare to medium-rare to medium to medium-well, and finally well-done steak.

Depending on a person’s preferences, any of these categories is perfect, but for toddlers, we must put their health into consideration first. 




Cook Time




120-125° F

5 minutes 

Not Allowed 

Medium rare Steak

Warm red

130° F

7 minutes

Not Allowed 



140-145° F

10 minutes

Not Allowed 

Medium well Steak

Pale pink

150-155° F

12-13 minutes


Welldone Steak


160° F

15 minutes


Above is a table illustration of the different doneness levels of steak, the color, temperature, cooking time, and their eligibility for toddlers. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can a one-year-old eat medium-well steak?

Yes, one-year-olds can eat medium-well steak and well-done steak. Steak can provide their bodies with vital minerals and nutrients necessary for their growth and development. Steak may have a strange taste to them at first but in no time babies will appreciate the nutritious taste of steak.

Can toddlers eat medium-rare steak?

No, toddlers can not eat medium-rare steak. It is not recommended for kids below the age of five to eat medium-rare steak as there are dangers of food poisoning, toxoplasmosis, and listeriosis. However, the best steak for toddlers is medium-well steak and well-done steak. 

How do I serve steak to my toddler?

When feeding your toddler steak, you must ensure that the meat is cut into very small bits to minimize the risk of choking. The size of the steak depends on your toddler’s age. For instance, toddlers of 6-8 months should be offered steak in strips to encourage them to have a good grip on the steak while sucking out the nutrients. 

At what age can a child eat steak?

Steaks can be introduced to children at the tender age of six months. The fact is, that steak and other forms of meat are highly recommended by experts for toddlers. This means that you can add steak to a child’s menu at any time after introducing them to solid foods.


There’s no need to be skeptical about feeding your toddler with medium-well steak, as it is practically safe and poses no harm or threat to their health.

While eating medium-well steak your toddler might want to join you, don’t hesitate to share it with them. Just be sure to feed them in very small pieces as large bits of the streak can choke them.

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