Does My Toddler Know I’m Pregnant?

Does My Toddler Know I'm Pregnant?

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Are you wondering if your toddler can tell that you are pregnant? This idea can run through your mind basically because you noticed some behavioral changes in your child. Unbelievably so, some people believe that when toddlers are moody and refuse to eat it’s because they know you are pregnant. I’ve had a mom say to me “ my sister in law thinks Alyona is not eating because she senses that I’m pregnant” while some mothers report that their toddler gets super clingy around that time. 

These reports beg the question, does my toddler know I’m pregnant?

The short answer is NO. Scientifically this theory has not been established as there is no solid evidence that positively proves this point. Nonetheless, a lot of mothers believe these to be true due to their personal experiences. Some report that their toddlers knew about the pregnancy even before they found out for sure. 

There is no scientific evidence that proves this to be true but anecdotal evidence does exist. Strange as it may sound some mothers have stories of how their toddler could tell there was a baby on the way even without telling them. How could this be? You are about to find out.

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Does My Toddler Know I’m Pregnant?

You might be shocked when they hear “there is a baby in mommy’s belly” you begin to wonder how come they know you are with a child. Some mothers even claim that their pregnancy was first detected by their toddlers, how strange?

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We must admit that toddlers are very smart, they are great at picking up even the slightest changes around them.

They can detect emotions and when there is a rise in your stress levels they know. You can’t imagine how much awareness they have of their surroundings, so don’t be surprised when your toddler finds out you are pregnant without telling them. 

How Does My Toddler Know I’m Pregnant?

Many moms have had times when their toddlers made shocking comments about a baby on the way, even without being told. But how do they do that?

1. They Hear Things

There’s a possibility that your toddler heard you talking about your pregnancy with another adult or husband. Toddlers are very sensitive, and observant. They want to know about things that they don’t understand, so they listen to conversations and begin to ask questions about their baby brother or sister, which might take you by surprise.

2. They Are Stress Detectors

There are times when you feel sick but you have a toddler to take care of, this can cause you to feel anxious and stressed because you are worried about how you will cope with dual care.

Toddlers, on the other hand, are very good at detecting stress, especially when the feeling is from you. As inquisitors, they may begin to ask questions that could make you think they know you are pregnant. 

3. Toddlers Notice Changes

A lot of changes occur during pregnancy, along the line you will feel morning sickness, mood swings, and frequent weariness, this means that you will always not be available for some routines with your toddler. And they will surely notice how careful you are being and how much time you take to rest during the day. However, toddlers are smarter than we give them credit for, and they can wild guess that you are expectant.

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When Is The Right Time To Tell Your Toddler You Are Pregnant?

Whether your toddler has figured out that you are pregnant or not, it’s important to not leave them in the dark about the development for too long. You need to get them ready for the big change. This moment of truth is also crucial for you so that your toddler understands the situation and knows not to stress mummy too much.  

Some researchers suggest that it should be done after your first trimester. While others recommend that the best time to break the news to your toddler is after everyone that is supposed to know must have known. Hold on, I’ll explain why. Toddlers are not socially conscious of what to say to people and what to keep a secret. And out of excitement, they may tell everyone which may seem awkward for you.

But notwithstanding the right time solely depends on when you feel up to the task and that is best known by you. When you finally decide to spill the beans, you should make them understand how exciting it will be to have a baby brother or sister to care for. Prepare them for the welcoming of a new member of the family. 

Build a bond by showing them scans, allowing them to feel the baby kick and touch the baby bump. And in the case where your toddler may be upset, assure and reassure them that you wouldn’t stop loving them regardless and give them time to adjust.

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We know it’s intriguing to think your toddler has a great intuition of a baby growing in your belly, while this may be possible, it has not been scientifically proven. In most cases, it happens that your toddler must have picked the idea from what they heard or the changes they notice. 

More importantly, you shouldn’t leave your toddler in the dark for too long as having a new member in the family is a huge development that your toddler needs to be emotionally and mentally ready for. 


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