15 Must-Have Toys of 2024 That Even Parents Will Love

Colleen Mulcahy
Must-Have Toys of 2023

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Every parent can attest that some of their children’s toys are easier to have around than others! If you want to ditch the flash and give toys with substance, try these amazing parent-approved must-have toys! 

Every child is special, and they all deserve a little wonder. That is where toys come in. Toys are more than just flashy bells and whistles. Toys can transport, inspire, and teach children, so it’s important to pick mindful toys that will lead to hours of healthy fun!

These amazing toys have been hand-picked as the best because they play well with both parents and kids, so introduce a little wonder to your little one with one of these fun toy picks!

Best Baby and Toddler Toys

Here is the list of the best toys ranging from toddlers and ages 3 to 5.

1. Coogam Baby Carrots Sorting Toy

Holding, cutting, and sorting are all skills toddlers must master and there is no better way than with this adorable sorting toy. Children must cut and sort wooden carrots. This toy is stylish, toddler-safe, and self-contained, making it a great choice for little kiddos. 

2. Melissa & Doug Multi Sensory Pineapple Soft Stacker Infant Toy

Texture, colors, shapes, and sizes are all new and exciting for babies and the best toys allow them to explore these areas. That is why the Melissa and Doug Stacking Pineapple is such a sweet toy! It offers infants a wide range of areas to explore including color, texture, shape, and size, but the best part is it’s just so stinking cute!

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3. Taggies Touch & Feel Soft Cloth Book

It is never too early to give your child the gift of reading, and there is no better way than with soft books! Babies naturally love the feeling and sounds of soft books, and this Taggies Touch and Feel Book is at the top of its class! It has textures, sounds, and colors for your baby to experience, but most importantly it features an endearing story about a sloth on the go! 

Best Toys for Ages 3 to 5

4. Coogam Spelling Games

This fun and educational toy is great for pre-K-aged children. It helps them learn letters and spelling within the safe confines of a fun game! Plus, it’s so much fun that even parents will enjoy taking turns with this stylish spelling toy!

5. Born Toys Dress-Up Costumes

Pretend play is essential for young children. It’s how they learn to problem-solve in the real world. That is what makes this dress-up set so much fun! This set includes everything your little one needs to pretend to be a doctor, a vet, a firefighter, and more; plus, it comes with a handy container to help your kids learn to clean up when they’re done pretending!

6. Casdon Dyson Play Vacuum

If there is one life skill that you cannot begin teaching early enough it is cleaning! Kids need to know how to tidy up, so why not get them excited about cleaning with some fun cleaning-themed toys!? With this amazing fully-functional vacuum toy, your pre-K kiddo can get used to the sounds and sights of the vacuum and help you clean up!

Best Toys for Ages 6 to 9

7. Hot Wheels RC Barbie Corvette

Most women of Barbie’s age are settling down, but not Barbie! This icon had yet another bombshell year! Celebrate Barbie’s big year by getting your favorite doll this awesome new set of wheels! 

This amazing homage to Barbie’s original car rolled straight off the movie set and into your little one’s heart! It is remote-controlled, has an operable truck, and seats two dolls. Even non-Barbie lovers will get a kick out of the style and pure joy of this stylish toy car!

8. Razor Power Core Electric Scooter

If your little one loves thrills then it might be time to get them set up with an electric scooter! This awesomely efficient way to get around will keep your kids riding and laughing as long as the sun is out! 

The Razor scooter is designed for ages 8 and up, and it hits speeds of up to 10 miles per hour. Be sure to get a good helmet and pads, but this ride is so safe and fun that you will want your own to ride with your kids!

9. Lego DREAMZzz Izzie and Bunchu

The new Lego DREAMZzz series is a twisted blend of daydreams! These unique and unprecedented sets mash up unexpected characters and scenes in the literal representation of what it could look like if we dreamt in Lego. 

The Izzie and Bunchu set is a fun-filled set that’s easy enough for children 7 and up to assemble. It features the new Izzie minifig and the awesomely supersized character of Bunchu, the roller skating rabbit. This set is a great way to spark your child’s imagination and have fun building together!

Best Toys for Ages 10 to 13

10. THB Inflatable Punching Bag

Martial arts are a great way to get your kids up and moving while still teaching them the principles of discipline, hard work, and respect. If your little one is fired up about fighting techniques, then try this awesome inflatable punching bag. 

This punching bag is a safe way for your little fighter to get out their energy. It comes with an air pump and boxing gloves for added safety, so they can train themselves tired and leave their siblings alone!

11. Amazmic Kids Karaoke Microphone

If music is your tween’s love language then they need the gift of groove! Treat your superstar to some super sound with this amazing portable karaoke microphone! It comes in a multitude of colors to suit your star’s personal style, and it works with any device via Bluetooth!

The extra-long battery life in this portable microphone will allow your kid to rock and roll all night and every day!

12. Trekking The National Parks Board Game

Is your family all about family game night? Then upgrade your board game experience with this beautifully designed, educational, and fun board game! Trekking is an award-winning table game where the whole family can see and learn more about our amazing national parks!

It is fun for two or more players of ten and up and only takes up to an hour to play, but be warned, it’s so fun you might want to play it twice!

Best Toy for Ages 14 and Up

13. Lego Tales From Space

True Brickheads never outgrow their Lego, so even moody teens can get excited about a great Lego set. Get your teenager to show their smile over something happening off-screen with this stylish and cool Lego set!

The Tales From Space set is a series of postcards from outer space made to be built and displayed as wall art. It’s an awesome keepsake that you can enjoy building together, even if they won’t admit it later!

14. BIC BodyMark Temporary Tattoo Markers

If your teenager just cannot wait to turn eighteen and get their first ink, why wait? Treat them to this amazing set of temporary tattoo pens and let them experience the feeling of a fresh tattoo without the wait! With plenty of fun colors and a skin-safe formula.

These awesome markers will have your teen all tatted out with no permanent repercussions. The bonus is you’ll feel like the cool parent for letting them experiment with a tattoo!

15. The Chameleon Board Game

As kids get older, it can be harder to get them excited about family fun time, but that all changes with this game! The Chameleon is a fun game of secrets and spy work that will get your teen to put down their phone and have fun!

This funny party game can be played with groups of 3 to 8 and only takes about 15 minutes to play a round, but one round will not be enough of this hilarious, family-friendly game!

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