10 Unique Family Activities to Try Before Your Kids Turn 10

10 Unique Family Activities to Try Before Your Kids Turn 10

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Giggles, chuckles, and endless amusement are the staples of quality family time. Not only does having fun together as a family tightens bonds, but it also boosts the kids’ confidence and helps develop their social skills.

Growing up, I could say that my parents, especially my dad, was a devotee of going on family adventures at least once a year (or twice if it was our lucky year). We would go on exciting road trips, camp, visit water parks, and so much more, every year was a different adventure.

I remember how super pumped up I and my sister always were anytime we glanced at the calendar and the day was near. Having such amazing fun and creating beautiful memories on those family trips, I knew that I wanted the same thing for my kids, so I tried to keep my family tradition alive in my own home. Was I successful? Well, almost.

Being a millennial mum with a busy schedule was a limiting factor for me and for a long time, I didn’t make it happen until I realized my first child was turning 7 soon!

Reminiscing how my childhood was adventurous and thrilling, I decided it was time my kids had enough fun stories to tell their peers. And so I got to work, did lots of research and inquiries about activities we could try as a family of 5, and drew out a plan with my husband.

We eventually tried out so many activities and they were all super fun however, 10 out of these many family activities stood out and I will gladly be sharing these unique adventures we have enjoyed as a family with a child, a preschooler, and a toddler. Interesting right? Stay with me, as I unveil these incredible.

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10 Unique Family Activities to Try Before Your Kids Turn 10

Family activities are nothing but fun, and doing it right before your kids turn 10 is the best way to go. It helps build stronger bonds and develop a sense of togetherness and love in your kids. I almost learned this the hard way, but thankful I became aware and stayed on track before it was too late.

The great thing about family activities is that they can be done indoors or in the great outdoors, and you can always alternate them as you please. Being a parent is a full-time job, so why not try to make it a fun ride for you and yours? Below are 10 activities you can try for quality family time;

1. Painting

Kids painting

Painting is a very stimulating activity for kids of all ages, as well as adults. Although it is a fun activity, there are a lot of benefits parents can reap from it. Drawing and painting can strengthen your kids’ hand muscles, and spark up some creativity at their young age.

With painting, everyone can be involved, even a toddler, so no one is left out. But be prepared because it can get pretty messy. You will need art supplies such as paintbrushes, palettes, paints, paint thinner, a palette knife, crayons, markers, paper, playdough clay, and so on.

Be sure everyone is wearing their artist apron, to prevent them from staining their clothes. Make it real fun by posing as a muse and asking them to draw mummy or daddy and the best art wins. A healthy competition can be really exciting for kids.

2. Build A Treehouse

This is fun! Building a treehouse with all hands on deck. The magical and most adorable thing is when the tree house is completely done and ready for use. I remember my son beaming with so much excitement. He looked so proud of himself and grateful to his dad and the rest of us course( even though we did the minimal work).

Although it took some time to finish the treehouse, I was glad we could get it done, It certainly is a lasting or significant memory for my 7-year-old. If you do not want something complicated, you can always opt for simpler designs that are easy and less technical.

3. Hiking

Family hIking

If you do live in a city with hiking trails then why don’t you give this a try? Hiking is a great way to bond and get your kids acquainted with Mother Nature. You might be surprised about how much this can be intriguing to your kids especially when it is their first time.

Not only do kids love this activity, but family pets (dogs) also would be thrilled to join in. However, precautions must be taken, you should always make sure that the hiking trail is safe for hiking and that the woods are free of dangerous animals. Be calculative about when to stop and head back home to prevent overstressing your kids.

4. Hot Air Ballon Ride

Want to take the family fun activity up a notch? Hot air balloon flights ought to be on the to-do list. Not only is this exhilarating, but it is also a family time memory that your kids will never forget.

Had my son Adam screaming at the top of his voice out of excitement and my daughter Adrea bewildered at how little the trees and fields seemed and how blue the sky was up close.

Depending on your state, booking a ride should be available to you. However, it is great to note that there are some restrictions, and kids below the age of 7 are not allowed on these rides. If you are not a large family, you might to take the ride with other people as there are options for the 8-person basket, 16-person, and 20-person basket.

5. Trip To The Great Wolf Lodge

Trip To The Great Wolf Lodge

The Great Wolf Lodge is a nice place to go with your entire family. There are lots of amazing activities that every member of the family can enjoy. From the cub paw patrol to the forest friends show, to the crooked creek, your kids will be elated about this experience.

Be sure to pack up some swimsuits, sunscreen, extra change of clothes, and a swim diaper if you are enjoying this adventure with your toddler. The tons of family and individual activities available at the lodge can be particularly fascinating and stimulating for kids of all ages.

Family bonds can be tightened at this fun-filled place and lasting memories can be created. You can choose to make visiting the Great Wolf Lodge every year a family tradition, your kids will love it!

6. Picnic

Picnic is a lovely family activity that you can put on your to-do list. Pack up some mats, some refreshing drinks, and snacks for your kids as these are very important for a picnic. As a family, this activity can be very exciting and your kids will love having lunch in an outdoor setting with the cool summer breeze.

Our first picnic day was one of the most amazing days we had as a family. I could see that my kids needed a day out and I was glad we went on a picnic together. We did try some fun games like racing in the open field and playing tag. At the all got home relaxed and happy and your family too can have that much fun as mine did.

7. Geocaches

Treasure hunting

Kids love to treasure hunting, and as an adult, I find it pretty interesting. Geocaches is an outdoor activity that is all about discovering or finding caches that are packed with things hidden by people.

So each family is obliged to find these objects in hidden places such as behind a rock, under a bench, or in a hollow tree. The use of a GPS on your smartphone can help give a hint on where to find these treasures. I loved this adventure because of how much it made us work together as a family.

My 5-year-old was more invested in finding these treasures as she often thought of herself as an explorer. After finding all the caches and recording some data on the logbook, we were asked to return each to the exact location at which they were found for the next family to find.

8. Barbecue Day

Barbecuing should not only be set aside for friends, you can make it a fun activity for your family. You take up the grill, everyone can sit around, talk, and have fun while at it. This is usually the perfect summer activity and can be done by the poolside.

The most thrilling part for my kids is usually when it is time to eat Daddy’s special BBQ. Do take note that kids especially toddlers should stay 4-6 feet away from the smoke as it can be dangerous to their health.

9. Camping

Camping with kids

The list would never be complete without camping. This does wonders in tightening family bonds and creating lovely memories with no major distractions (TV or smartphones). The amazing thing is you can choose to go camping in a camping ground, your backyard, and even right there in your living room.

I do prefer camping in a campground but then on times when it is almost impossible to go on a trip for that, we’d have to build our tents right in our backyards. We’d make a little fire to keep us warm and smoke up some fresh marshmallows.

10. Set Up A Lemonade Stand

Setting up a lemonade stand and making a refreshing lemonade as a family is a great family activity. The fun part is making sales and earning a few dollars. You can choose to donate some or all of the money made, however, it is a fun activity. You can get your kids involved in the process of preparing the lemonade, you have no idea how many kids love helping out.

Wrapping Up

So there you have it! These are the 10 most unique family activities you should consider giving a try right before your kids turn 10. From camping to going on picnics to building a tree house or booking a hot balloon ride, it is almost impossible to not get your kids ecstatic and creating fun memories with these activities. Let us know which of these activities you would be trying next!

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