7 Parenting Hacks Celebrities Swear By

Parenting hacks celebrities swear by

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Are you curious as to how celebs handle parenthood? Yes? Relax, this time around curiosity won’t kill the cat, as a plethora of other parents want this piece of information as well. We know how overwhelming parenting can be for just about anyone.

From dealing with nasty diaper changes to occasional blowouts to keeping up with random tantrums, there just seems to be no break or rest time, and you are almost on the verge of having a major meltdown. But guess what?

Celebrities too have to deal with the “craziness” of parenting from time to time! Although it is refreshing to know that you are not alone and that celebrities are not exempted from feeling the brunt of parenthood even with lots of help, it is appeasing to discover several tips from these influential people that can be put to good use.

Fortunately, some celebrities have taken to their social media and interviews to disclose some amazing tips, or should I say hacks that work wonders for them and can take your parenting game from an absolute zero to a hundred.

This blog post will reveal all the top 7 parenting hacks that do the trick for celebrities. Be sure to note that these celebrity-approved hacks would make the daily struggles of parenting easier and better, so let’s get right into it!

The Top 7 Parenting Hacks Celebrities Swear By

Some of these celebrity hacks will have you asking how come you didn’t think about this?! One thing for sure is these tricks are very creative mind-blowing and effective too, so let’s cut to the chase. Below are the top 7 parenting hacks celebrities swear by;

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1. The Floppy Arm Hack

 The Floppy Arm Hack
Image: @Holly Willoughby // Instagram

For moms and dads who have to deal with their babies waking up right after laying them down to sleep, Holly Willoughby has shared her amazing hack on how to know when it is time to put your baby to bed.

This amazing TV presenter has disclosed that the simple trick is to raise your baby’s arms upward and drop them gently. If the arms come down heavily and dangly then it is safe to take them to bed but if it doesn’t, it means they are still aware of what is happening around them, so you need to wait a little longer.

She also suggested that moms should place their babies’ favorite fluffy toy close to their bodies during the day so that the toy has its scent. This trick is especially handy for babies who show signs of separation anxiety at nighttime.

Who knew this was all you had to do to make bedtime a lot easier for you? Now isn’t this a game-changing trick?

2. Suggestion Box Hack

Suggestion Box Hack
Image: @blakelively // Instagram

If you are a huge fan of Blake Lively, you would have an idea of how she successfully raised her family even with a thriving career. Blake swears by using a suggestion box in her home where everyone’s voice can be heard.

The kids are encouraged to write out areas in which they feel their parents need to do better and the parents too can also make suggestions as well. Some sort of democracy in the home. Teenage parents would find this parenting hack very useful, as it can help spark up conversations and give parents pointers on what to do right.

3. The Piggy Bank Hack

The Piggy Bank Hack
Image: @eltonjohn // Instagram

Let’s say you want to develop the habit of saving and giving back to humanity in your kids, then this tip should be the dealbreaker for you! Elton John, the British singer, and pianist who is also a father of two lovely boys, has revealed a proven way of how to teach your kids the value of money.

He revealed that he gives his sons  £3 each as pocket money, however, each of them has to put  £1 in a savings jar and  £1 in a jar for charity, leaving with just a euro to spend for the day. He also makes sure that they earn this pocket money by helping out in the kitchen and everywhere else around the house where their help is needed.

4. The Hairdryer Trick

The Hairdryer Trick
Image: @samanthafaiers // Instagram

It’s probably not what you think, but do you know hairdryers can be a soothing sound for babies? Well, it is Sam Faiers ultimate trick to put her baby Rosie to sleep. And you, too, can put it to good use.

Let’s say you have a fussy little one who seems to sleep but would just give in to a restful nap, odd as it may sound, you can simply just turn your hairdryer and watch your baby relax. It is a wonder how simple and basic these hacks are and how effective they turn out to be.

5. The Yes Day Hack

The Yes Day Hack
Image: @jennifer.garner // Instagram

No, this is not just about the movie. This is Jennifer Garner’s real-time hack! If you have seen the movie Yes Day, you will have an apt idea of what it entails. So the A-list actress gives her kids one day every year when she says yes to everything that they ask of (do not fret, you can create your own rules, so it doesn’t get out of hand).

You don’t always have to be a naysayer, it can be a bummer and kids can find this boring, this hack can spice up some family time and create stronger bonds. And guess what? Your kids will find this stimulating.

6. The Restaurant Menu Hack

The Restaurant Menu Hack
Image: @chrissyteigan // Instagram

If you deal with picky eaters, Chrissy Teigen has the perfect trick just for you. As the name implies, Chrissy Teigen says she creates a unique menu for her kids and makes them feel like they are getting a restaurant treatment. She gives them the option of picking what they want to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner and prepares their meals just as they want them.

Shocking right? But don’t you think this will be thrilling for the kids? No need for boring mealtimes, everyone eats what they want. But just in case this isn’t sustainable for you, you can pick out a particular day or two of the week when your kids can have their special food requests.

7. Hands In the Circle Hack

Hands In the Circle Hack
Image: @kristenanniebell // Instagram

Kids can sometimes be out of control, especially when you are not looking. American actress Kristen Bell has shared a very helpful parenting tip that you will love, and that’s the hands in the circle hack.

Here, she tells her kids to place their hands on the fuel cap the minute they hop out of the car. The trick is to keep them safe from the surrounding traffic and prevent them from wandering away when she is trying to get things out of the boot.

Final Words

There is no telling how tough parenting can be, but a few hacks here and there can be helpful. The amazing tricks enlisted in this article are great tricks used by celebrities, and they do work wonders, and they can for you as well. So which of these hacks will you try?

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