10 Unexpected Parenting Tips Every 2024 Mom and Dad Should Know

Unexpected Parenting Tips

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The adventure called parenthood is never a know-it-all experience. It comes with a lot of complexities and “technicalities” that require prudence. Nonetheless, the ride can be a long, bumpy, emotional, smooth, and sweet one all at once, and this can be pretty overwhelming from time to time.

While others see parenting as a drudgery, others see it as a learning adventure, one that deserves a gold medal at the end of every day because of how much care, attention, love, and patience is needed at all times.

It is okay to feel stuck and clueless about what to do and what not to do, but mums and dads must understand that there is no such thing as being “perfect” or “faultless in parenting. Of course, you can be the best mom or dad to your kids, but there is room for imperfections which will give shine to your uniqueness as a parent.

In this article, you will find the 10 latest distinctive tips that all parents need to know to help them become better parents and strike gold in the parenting world. Read on.

10 Unique Parenting Tips That Parents Should Know

Parenting is not always a bed of roses, sometimes it stings, and sometimes it is so gratifying that you feel your heart is going to burst with love and pride for your babies!

However, with my experience in parenting (which has not really been a walk in the park either), I have learned that it is a “different strokes for different folks” affair which means what worked for parent A might not do the job for parent B and this is where understanding your kids play a big role.

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Let’s say for instance you want to be a bougie and firm parent, one that the kids would love to share everything with and ask for advice, a loving, and absolutely caring parent that raises disciplined kids; How do you strike a perfect balance in a way that the kids don’t end up misunderstanding your intentions? What special tips do you need to point you to the right path?

Whether you are an infant, a toddler, a preschooler, a school-aged child, or a teenage parent looking to excel as a parent you do need answers to these questions. Here are the unique tips you need in order to smash those parenting goals;

1. Prepare Your Mind For A Long-time Commitment

Prepare Your Mind For A Long-time Commitment

Being a parent is going to be a long, hard ride that you need to be mentally ready for. This is not to scare or give you the heebie-jeebies, but in contrast, to help you get ready for it. From the moment you see those two colored lines on your home pregnancy test strips, you have automatically signed into a lifetime commitment to being a parent.

I might be found guilty of sugarcoating how it’s going to be if I say it is going to be a smooth ride, I will say it as it is, expect it to be a rollercoaster ride. But one that will be worthy every day of your life. In the end, the hurdles of parenthood wouldn’t really matter but inexplicable joy.

2. Be In Tune With Your Gut Feeling

As much as we as parents do not always have or know all the answers, simply trusting your gut feeling can do the simple trick. There is something I call a “parent’s instinct” and it comes as a natural gift bestowed upon all parents.

You necessarily do not need all of those parenting books or surf through the internet to digest every article that is about how to be a good parent, this instinct or gut feeling kicks in naturally. Therefore, if you feel like there’s something off with your kid then trust that it is worth investigating or seeking professional help where necessary.

3. Be Intentional About How You Show Love And Care

Show Love And Care

Your kids need to know for sure how much you love and cherish them, and this is why with every given opportunity you get, you need to show it. Best believe you can never love a child too much, so let your love be known to be with your actions.

The truth is that kids are not exactly hard to please, spending quality time with them, indulging in some games, and providing them with some basic needs can do the trick. For toddlers, it is as simple as cuddling them or providing them with stimulating toys.

4. Pick Your Battles Carefully

I learned this the hard way with kids, you can not always win the battles. And I am giving you this tip for free, Be selective about your battles. Sometimes they might intentionally break the rules, and sometimes it could be a coincidental accident.

However, if it is a minor issue and can be overlooked, you should probably just let it slide with a stern warning about not happening a second time. That said, other major matters such as lying, hitting, fighting, bullying, etc. should not be taken lightly.

5. Know When To Interfere

Know When To Interfere

As earlier mentioned, every parent has an instinct or should I say a “radar” that alerts them of anything suspicious. While it is worth finding out what the issue might be, it is best to trust your child to work it out themselves.

This not only shows them that you trust them to make the right choices but also encourages independence, resilience, and self-reliance. That said, you can offer to help and interfere or help out when they seek your help. Trying to fix everything for your child can literally be a ticking time bomb.

6. Be Creative About How You Encourage Them

My daughter overheard my conversation with her dad where I was singing praises about how amazing she was at her recitals, and I could tell she was beaming more than she was when I would tell it to her. This was like a giveaway bonus tip of how I felt kids want to be encouraged.

However, as a parent, you should know how your kid’s mind works and stay in line with how they would love to be appreciated. Simple phrases like “good job” and “you did great” might be enough, but you also have to seek out unique ways to cheer them or encourage their good behaviors.

7. Lead By Example

Lead By Example

Be the perfect example of how you want your kids to behave. Kids are fond of imitating their parents, and you can make good use of this fact to be the perfect role model for them. Be a splitting image of positive behavior.

This may be hard sometimes, and you might not always do it right but ensure that you are consistent about leading by example and encouraging your child to be empathetic, loving, and kind to their peers.

8. Do Not Miss Out On Saying You Love Them At Every Chance

In case you didn’t know, some early childhood experiences can have a huge impact on shaping the adult life of your child. And kids that grow up in a peaceful and loving home have better chances of thriving throughout their lives. That being said, aside from showing your kid how much you love them, do not hesitate to tell them “I love you” at any given chance.

9. Be Your Child’s Safe Place

Unique Parenting Tips That Parents

Do not let your child’s misbehavior come between you and your child. Always endeavor to be your kid’s safe haven. Try as much as possible not to be judgmental or unsympathetic about how they feel. As much as you want to positively discipline them, know when to open your loving arms to comfort them and be there.

10. Try Not To Repeat Your Parent’s Mistakes

We all as parents have one or two things we feel like our parents could have done differently that would have made a significant difference in our life. What I love to do is think back on how I would have loved to be treated when I was a kid and try to do those things for my kids.

Being intentional about not replicating the same mistakes my loving parents made is the trick I call the game-changer. Of course, there must be other good lessons you can adopt from how you were catered to as a kid, make good use of that as well.

Final Thoughts

Anyone who says parenting is not tough must have either not felt the brunt of parenthood or is simply being sarcastic. The house is mostly in disarray, you always have to share your chocolate, you sometimes have to rush to the hospital because your child had a domestic accident, and you don’t even have time for self-care.

Little things like these can be overwhelming and tiring, but then the joy of hearing your kids laughing heartily always fuels the urge to be the best parent the world has ever known. The 10 unexpected tips in this blog post are great hints on how parenting is being done.

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