7 Signs To Stop Working During Pregnancy

7 Signs To Stop Working During Pregnancy

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Are you finding it hard to keep up with work while pregnant? Being a working expectant mom may seem achievable at first, but as the pregnancy progresses it becomes less easy and more difficult.

While some women can work until their due date, others can not and I did fall under the category of moms who couldn’t keep up with work at some point. In the final days of my third trimester, I was always feeling too lazy and tired to get any work done.

Aside from feeling fatigued, I was mostly in so much pain around my pelvic region and waist area due to the progressing weight of my baby, and getting a good night’s rest was a serious challenge for me because of how many times I had to wake to switch sleeping positions and also pee.

Having to go to work every other morning was so exhausting, and I was beginning to get super feisty at work. For me, this was a clear sign that it was time to stop working, even though I initially planned to take a longer maternal leave.

I am quite aware that there are a lot of expectant moms experiencing something similar to mine and I will be glad to walk you through the dilemma of the right time to take a bow and stop work. Stick around as you will find this article really helpful and insightful. Now let’s dig deeper.

Is It Safe To Work While Expecting?

Whether it is safe to work while pregnant is a determinant of some factors. One of those factors is the nature of the job. If your job requires a lot of physical activities such as heavy lifting, and moving around a lot, it may not be safe for you and your baby’s wellbeing.

Other jobs that are done on the desk and while sitting are certainly safe during pregnancy and can be continued for as long as you can handle them. That said, it is important to understand that working while pregnant is especially challenging for pregnant women.

If you are noticing signs of preterm labor or have a high-risk pregnancy, it is best to steer clear of work and other strenuous activities. Ultimately, consult with your doctor to be sure it is safe for you to work when pregnant.

Can Overworking Affect Pregnancy?
Image: CIPHR Connect // Wikimedia Commons

Can Overworking Affect Pregnancy?

During pregnancy, a lot of pregnant women are advised to rest longer and more frequently. However, not many women have the luxury of taking frequent off-work days at work or quitting their jobs. Some expectant moms might be faced with a situation where they have to do multiple shifts. Hence the query; Can overworking affect pregnancy?

Yes, there is a chance that overworking yourself while pregnant will affect your pregnancy. It causes moms to be tired most of the time and can trigger miscarriages and preterm labor, especially at the early stage of the pregnancy (the first trimester).

Women with high-risk pregnancies such as multiple gestations and fetal growth restriction (FGR) should avoid overworking at all times. Aside, from a healthy diet that can positively nourish the growing fetus, rest is also very crucial to keep stress and other issues that come with being stressed at arm’s length throughout your amazing journey.

Pregnancy Do’s And Don’ts

With pregnancy, a lot of changes and adjustments must be made. However, some of these adjustments come naturally while others are learned in the course of your pregnancy journey. That said, below are the dos and don’ts moms-to-be must always take note of;

It is perfectly okay to engage in light physical activities such as taking brisk walks regularly and yoga.Make sure not to indulge in activities that can cause stress.
Always driunk lots and lots of water, and fruit juice to keep you hydrated at all times.Do not take any drink that has even the smallest percentage of alcohol in it. Caffeinated drinks are also off-limits.
Stay away from direct or passive smoke.Do not eat raw or undercooked meat or eggs as it can cause salmonella.
Take as much rest and sleep as possible to prevent premature birth and miscarriage.Do not overwork or work long hours without rest.
Avoid taking hard drugs, and antibiotics during pregnancy except prescribed by your doctor.Do not skip taking your supplements and multivitamins.
Eat smartly while pregnant. Avoid the “eating for two” mentality to prevent excessive weight gain.Do not try to lose weight or go below the recommended calorie intake during pregnancy. Your baby needs all the nutrients and nourishment they can get.

Tips On How To Deal With Pregnancy While Working

If you are facing some difficulties at work due to pregnancy, trust me you are not alone! Your struggles are very relatable. I can easily guess that you feel tired and fatigued most of the time, you could also be flustered and fiesty, and finally experiencing a lot of mood swings.

Plus having to get up every now and then for bathroom breaks can be exhausting. Let’s just say our hormones during pregnancy are good at doing a lot of numbers on us. So how do you cope with all of these and still be productive at work? Here are your answers;

  1. Take frequent short breaks as much as you need, while still ensuring that you get the job done.
  2. Consider wearing very comfortable clothes and footwear to wear.
  3. Ask for a very flexible working schedule at work to make things easier for you and ensure your productivity.
  4. Avoid staying on your feet for too long as this can cause pelvic pain and stress.
  5. If you are still experiencing morning sickness, it is best to keep emergency kits within reach. The emergency kits should include paper towels, paper bags crackers, minty gums, and other things that can help manage the nausea.
  6. Consult with your doctor for possible ways you can manage how you feel. Judging from the severity of your condition, your doctor might advise you to stop working and rest.
  7. When the difficulties have gotten overbearing for you, you should consider it is time to talk to your boss about stopping work. Your health and that of your baby is very paramount.

7 Signs To Stop Working While Pregnant

When I was pregnant and very heavy, I began to find it difficult to keep up with work. During my doctor’s appointments, I was advised it was best to stop working even when I did not plan to stop at the time. If you are still in doubt about whether it is time to stop working, the following will give you a lot of clarity about whether it is time to give it a rest or not;

1. You Are Diagnosed With High-Risk Pregnancy

excerise pregnant woman
Photo by Yan Krukau // Pexels.

If your pregnancy is high-risk, I can not overemphasize how important it is to stop working immediately. This is because any form of stress can trigger miscarriage or preterm labor. High-risk pregnancy comes with symptoms like;

  • Unusual and increased discharge
  • Frequent contractions
  • Severe back pain
  • Constant abdominal cramping
  • Bleeding
  • Rupture of membranes

Women who take in after being diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) might have to be on close monitoring as they are susceptible to high pregnancies.

Also, for cases where the baby might be measuring some weeks behind due to Intrauterine Growth Restrictions (IUGR) or the mom is expecting two or more babies, the pregnancy may also be considered high risk.

2. Complications

It is not common for pregnant women to face some complications on this amazing journey. And most of the time these hiccups are a cause for worrying. High blood pressure, excessive swelling of the legs and hands, abdominal cramping, and extreme fatigue are some of the signs of complications. You should be expected to take a bed rest and also stop working when this happens.

3. Everything At Work Makes You Feisty

It is okay to randomly feel irritated and touchy about some things but when you are frequently displeased about working either due to some discomforts or stress, it is best to stop work at this time. As your mental health is very important during pregnancy.

4. Work Pressure Is Beginning To Take A Toll On You

If you are currently feeling under a lot of work pressure constantly, it may be time to stop work. As always, the mental health of pregnant women is just as important as their physical health. However, it is best to speak to medical care professionals about the best action to take.

5. Your Due Date Is Close

You definitely do not want your water breaking at work, do you? If your due date is around the corner, it is vital to take time off work to avoid accidents and possible mishaps.

6. You Are Beginning To Get Forgetful

Forgetfulness, also known as “pregnancy brain” is one of the common symptoms of pregnancy and it can really affect how effective you are at work. Aside from being forgetful, other factors like feeling lazy or sluggish can affect your productivity. At this point, it is best to stop working as you might make mistakes that could cost your company.

7. You Feel Unprepared

If you are feeling unprepared or overwhelmed about your D-day due to work, you should take time off work to get yourself ready.

7 Signs To Stop Working During Pregnancy

Frequently Asked Questions

What trimester is best to stop working?

The third trimester is usually the hardest stage to deal with. So it is best to stop working when you are feeling overwhelmed in your third trimester. However, if you are not feeling well enough to go on with work at any stage of your pregnancy, it is okay to stop.

When can I share my pregnancy news at my workplace?

This entirely depends on you. If you feel comfortable telling that right after you find out you are pregnant that’s perfectly fine. However, it may be better to let them know you expecting from the second trimester as this is the time you will be going to a lot of doctor’s appointments and would require some flexibility.

How long should I work during pregnancy?

It is best to work up until 34 – 36 weeks of pregnancy, however, this solely depends on your health and that of the baby. In some cases, you might need to stop work earlier than usual.

Final Thoughts

During pregnancy, everything has to be done with precision and extra care. As an expectant mom who has to show up for work, it is typical to wonder if it is okay to continue working and search for the signs that depict that you should stop working.

Fortunately, this article, contains all the information you need about the signs to look out for, the do’s and don’ts of pregnancy, and the tips on how to stay afloat with work while pregnant.

Finally, it is great to consult with your doctor about whether or not to stay off work and then have a talk with your boss about stopping and when to resume. You’ve got this!

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