16 Thanksgiving Table Settings to Inspire You

Thanksgiving Table Settings to Inspire You

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Thanksgiving is that celebration of the year when food is the star of the show, and this also means that the table setting has to be quite impressive. Your Thanksgiving table setting matters a lot, after all, this is one of the ways to elevate your meal and also make your guests feel extra festive.

You must have the right table setting in place to avoid any conundrum that might occur with having more guests than expected. Adding a touch of charm and sophistication to your Thanksgiving table settings is also a way to bring a festive feel to your meal.

Designing the Thanksgiving table does not have to be bogus, you can simply choose colors and patterns or think of something completely outside the box.

16 Thanksgiving Table Settings to Inspire You

You don’t have to go overboard with your budget to decorate your Thanksgiving table. Luckily, we have compiled some of the best Thanksgiving table settings for you.

1. Table Setting Featuring Asiatic Pheasants and Green Regal Peacock

Table Setting Featuring Asiatic Pheasants
Image: @addictedtochina // Instagram

This looks festive while also working perfectly for a traditional or rustic dinner theme. Asiatic Pheasants and Green Regal Peacock are two combinations that have a way of making everything look excellent. Everything all this table is entirely pretty and festive.

2. Elegant Thanksgiving Dinner Table Setting

Elegant Thanksgiving Dinner Table Setting

Many of us love the fanciness that comes with setting a Thanksgiving dinner table, so all you need are a few things to highlight that. We love this bold, and bright Thanksgiving dinner table. It is giving a date night vibe.

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3. Simple Stunning White Table Setting

Simple Stunning White Table Setting

If you are tired of the old Thanksgiving decor but still want to retain the simplicity, here is the perfect one to inspire you. This table setting has a funky twist but is very simple to try.

4. Magical Harvest Table Set

Magical Harvest Table Set
Image: @mollyinmaine // Instagram

If you are looking to add a personal touch to the table design, this is an excellent one to inspire you. This is practical and can be tailored to suit everyone’s preference.

5. Dried Flowers, Candles And Pumpkin Table Setting

Dried Flowers, Candles And Pumpkin Table Setting

Here is another elegant table setting that can impress your guests, no doubt. The centerpiece is the pumpkin and the dried flowers, but everything stands out glamorously.

6. Candles and Linens Cozy Dining Table Setting

Candles and Linens Cozy Dining Table Setting

When it comes to family parties, you do not have to do something above budget, but you can still impress them and make it festive with this table setting. This is simple, impressive, and seasonal.

7. Woodland Themed Tablescape

Woodland Themed Tablescape
Image: @dining_delight // Instagram

All it takes to create this is some squirrel plates, dried flowers, pumpkins, and candles. The theme is woodland, so everything should indicate that.

8. Farmhouse Table Setting

Farmhouse Table Setting
Image: @cow.pond.farm // Instagram

This style is similar to the last one, but this is a more elegant choice. This simply features a large pumpkin and some flowers. The plate setting is kept simple as well.

9. Rustic Table Setting

Rustic Table Setting

This is full of neutral tones and also some beautiful rustic designs. This setting is quite modern and sophisticated.

10. Fruit And Vegetable Centerpiece

Fruit And Vegetable Centerpiece
Image: @fashionablehostess // Instagram

Add some glass pumpkins, dried pumpkins, some grapes, and other fruits or veggies you can get your hands on. This is a low centerpiece table setting, so your guests and families can have a great time looking at each other’s gorgeous faces.

11. Wreath Tablecloth Centerpiece Modern Setting

Wreath Tablecloth Modern Setting
Image: @workyourcloset // Instagram

We know that pumpkins make the best Thanksgiving table setting centerpiece, but if you are looking to try something more modern and fancy, this wreath table setting is ideal. This makes your table look practical and adorable.

12. Nontraditional Thanksgiving Color Scheme

Nontraditional Thanksgiving Color Scheme

This non-traditional Thanksgiving color-themed table setting comprises minty-eucalyptus green and peachy-pumpkin orange. It is giving the city a fancy Thanksgiving vibe while keeping special traditions in check too.

13. Modern Table Setting With Apple Cider Recipe Card

Modern Table Setting
Image: @ themodernromantics // Instagram

As the temperature drops, you know it’s time to enjoy some apple cider, and it can also give you a chance to do some table-setting designs with it. This lovely table setting should impress your guests.

14. Blushing Autumn Table

Blushing Autumn Table
Image: @thejoyfuldecorator // Instagram

The blushing autumn table is another fascinating table setting, it gives a chance for a cozy dinner together. This is also a chance to work with personalized flowers and even include some Halloween themes.

15. Barn Table Setting

Barn Table Setting

This is a kid-friendly table setting, the centerpiece looks festive and fun. This is a great choice of setting if you are planning on having large guests. The plates brighten up the table even more, but you can choose a place of your preference.

16. Bright And Bold Thanksgiving Table Setting

Bright And Bold Thanksgiving Table Setting
Image: @dining_delight // Instagram

This Thanksgiving table setting features shades of bright orange and grass green, which come together to highlight the beauty of the table setting. This whole combo gives the autumnal vibe, and it can easily coordinate with any type of table’s cape.

Thanksgiving table settings are not just fun or for decorative purposes but adding those personal touches can go a long way in elevating the meal and impressing your guests as well.

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