What Age To Stop Using Potty Seats For Children?

What Age To Stop Using Potty Seats For Children?

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Wondering what the appropriate age to stop using a potty seat for your child? You are not alone; many other parents face this dilemma regarding the best time to introduce their kids to using adult toilets.

After successfully potty training your kid, the next phase is knowing the right time to stop using potty seats, but there are a lot of doubts surrounding this matter as you do not want to rush your child into a phase he or she isn’t physically ready for. 

So now you want to be sure what the right age is for your child to quit using potty seats.

When to stop potty seats for children? The right time to stop potty seats for children depends on their age. While some kids go through the step-by-step procedure of potty training, others skip these steps. However, children ages 3-6 can be expected to stop using potty seats; it just depends on when your kid is ready for this transition. 

Every child is different; child A could stop using toilet seats relatively faster than child B. I have seen kids transition from potty seats to using toilets under a week of potty training them. However, as a parent or guardian, you must know that there’s perfect timing, as your kids’ readiness matters.

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The Right Age to Stop Using Potty Seats For Children

Age rangeSuggestions
18-24 monthsIntroduce the child to the regular toilet
2-3 yearsBegin potty training
4-5 yearsTransition away from the potty seat
5+ yearsDiscontinue use of the potty seat

There are no general thumb rules as to when to stop using potty seats for kids. Many kids find it hard to transition, while some don’t have much trouble transitioning. Nevertheless, the appropriate age to stop your kid from using toilet seats could be 3-6 years. And ultimately, when your child is ready for preschool. 

This is because preschoolers are usually left with little or no choice but to use toilet seats, as that is required of them. It is best to help them transition home, so they don’t find it difficult to adjust to school. 

That said, knowing when to switch from potty to toilet seats is up to when you feel your child is up to the task. If they are hysterical about using the toilet, hold off and try not to push too hard about it. Your child will eventually show interest when they are ready. 

7 Simple Ways To Help Your Child Transition From Potty Seats

Transitioning from potty seats to toilet seats could be a big deal for your child or toddler; the entire look of an adult toilet might be scary to your child, considering its enormous size compared to theirs. However, these few tips below can help make the transition much easier for you and your child;

1. Wait Till Your Child Is Ready

The easiest way to do this is to allow your child to decide when they are ready for the transition so they don’t feel coerced. You can make suggestions like asking them if they want to use your toilet, and give them a little bit of control over taking this big step. 

2. Be Strategic

When considering a switch, you should be strategic by making the transition a gradual process for your child. Do not rush your kid into using the toilet, you must take it step by step. If they use a potty chair anywhere but in the bathroom, the first step is introducing them to it. This way, you are watering the ground for the next step. 

3. Show Your Child How It’s Done

Let your toddler watch you use the toilet, as this might intrigue them to want to try it out too. Teach them how to sit on the toilet, use the flush and wash their hands. If your child is a boy, let his father or other boys in the house show him how to pee in the toilet standing. Although boys might have a lot of mess to clean up during this process, they must learn. 

4. Allow Them to Flush 

After showing them how to use the toilet, let them have fun flushing the toilet when you are done. This may cause them to be enthusiastic about using it. Let them know that whenever they are ready to make a move and use the toilet, they’d get to flush after themselves. 

5. Make It Easy For Them

One of the ways to encourage your child to use the toilet instead of the potty seat is to make it easier for them to use it. Since the toilet bowl may be too high for them to climb on, fix a step stool or a ladder around the toilet seat, and place a child-size toilet set since the adult-sized ones may be too wide and uncomfortable. 

6. Encourage Your Child

Words of encouragement like “you did it, well done” can do a lot of good during the early beginnings of toilet training your kid. It gives them the idea that they are doing something right and will urge them to continue. 

7. Take Out The Potty Seat

To avoid your child reverting to using their potty seat whilst learning how to use the toilet, removing the potty seat from your child’s sight is best. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I know my child is ready to stop using the potty seat?

Your child will show signs of curiosity, they might ask if they can also sit on the toilet. This however is a clue, allow them to sit on the toilet and test things out. Also, if your kid is 5 or 6 years old and is set for preschool, it’s high time to ditch the potty seat. 

Why should my child transition to the toilet?

There are several reasons why your child should switch from using the potty seat to utilizing the toilet. It makes traveling with them easier, makes cleaning up after them less stressful for you, and prepares them for preschool. 

When do I start potty training my child?

A child is ready to be potty trained from 1.5 years to 2 years, it equally depends on when you feel your child is up to the task. However, if you choose to start potty training early it might take a long while before they finally learn. You can also get potty training manuals for proper guidance. 

Final Notes

Transitioning from potty seats to toilets might look simple to you, but your child may find this a tough change.

It may be easy for some toddlers to give up on potty seats from as early as 3 to 4 years, while others may still hold on to them till they are 6. This means stopping potty seats depends on when your kid is prepared for it. 

Regardless, the tips and recommendations accentuated in this article can help you stop your child from using potty seats.

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