Why Do Toddlers Spin In Circles? (ANSWERED)

Why Do Toddlers Spin In Circles?

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Every moment we spend with our toddlers is usually magical. These little unicorns are fond of trying out or attempting new behaviors. These behaviors may seem strange and weird to parents, making them wonder if it is normal.

Toddlers like to do fun and exciting things, so parents are encouraged to use electric toothbrushes. However, spinning in circles may be one recent behavior they picked up out of the blues.

Watching them spin repeatedly and then struggle to find balance afterward could seem scary. No doubt you may begin to wonder why your toddler loves doing this all the time.

The reason toddlers spin in circles is not just because they enjoy doing it, it is an important developmental milestone, just like walking backward.

If your toddler spins in a circle a lot, he or she loves doing it because it is thrilling and exciting. However, be sure they are developing their brains in the process, so it is best to encourage them rather than try to stop them.

We understand toddlers can be a handful, so you always have to keep a close radar on them. Make sure they are not out of your reach or sight to prevent them from getting hurt from spinning.

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My Toddler Spins In Circle: Is This A Problem?

As a parent, we are prone to worry a lot about our kids. But if the cause of your worry is about your child spinning a lot, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Toddlers enjoy the stimulation and the dizzying effect of spinning.

Do not stop them from spinning instead encourage the movement as it is an important sensory input. It improves their motor skills and also strengthens their brain. Spinning will definitely help their bodies function well, and improve your toddler’s balance, and coordination.

In addition, with constant practice, spinning can help your toddler have absolute control and focus better. It is quite hard to be able to have balance and control when we spin, however, over time the brain gets used to the exercise.

Make sure to create a space for your toddler to move and spin as much as they would want to, and also ensure that you stay very close to them to prevent them from falling or hurting themselves.

Reasons Why Toddlers Spin In Circles

Watching your toddler spin in a circle and struggle to get their balance can almost give you a heart attack and you may think it is best to stop them from repeating it but that is not the right to do. Below are explanations as to why toddlers would take delight in this activity;

1. For Fun

When kids are bored, they find ways to keep themselves entertained. Spinning is one of those activities that are fun, exciting, and thrilling and they would be happy to enjoy spinning just for the fun of it.

2. Toddler’s Body Needs The Stimulation

According to Penn State Extention, your toddler’s body craves the stimulation from spinning in circles and communicates this need to their brain. Their bodies sometimes need the sense of flowing, and spinning can provide such inspiration. So it is not just that your child sees spinning as a fun thing, they are satisfying a basic body need.

In Closing

Spinning should be encouraged in toddlers, as it is a crucial movement for motor skill input; it stimulates their bodies and challenges their brains to learn how to focus and gain balance faster.

The primary reason toddlers love to spin is usually for fun and the thrilling effects, parents should always hang around to prevent them from falling down.

That being said, if your toddler spins excessively and is fond of rocking their body or flapping their arms after spinning, you might need to speak to a doctor, as these behaviors are signs of autism.

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