Microblading While Breastfeeding: Good Idea Or Not?

Microblading While Breastfeeding

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Quick Facts

  1. Microblading is a cosmetic form of tattoo, even though it is semi-permanent.
  2. Microblading is not recommended for expecting and breastfeeding mothers.
  3. Chemicals or harmful substances from pigments and numbing creams used in micro-blading can penetrate into the bloodstream and negatively affect babies while breastfeeding.
  4. Microblading can cause a series of pain and discomfort to breastfeeding mothers.
  5. There is a high risk of passing down infections caused by micro-blading to breastfed babies.

Are you considering micro-blading as a nursing mother? Well, don’t we all? Before I got pregnant with my now 2-year-old toddler, I got my brows micro-bladed, they were so beautiful that I knew that I was going to stay hooked to this permanent makeup forever.

Now fast forward to when I started nursing my baby, I noticed it was time to get some touch-ups done as they were beginning to fade off. I was going to set up an appointment with my permanent makeup artist, but then I took a moment to muse about it because I was a breastfeeding mum now, and everything must be done carefully.

I got so interested and started enquiring from fellow expert mums and professionals about whether it was a good idea to go for a micro-blading touch-up session or not and here’s what I found out in short;

It is a terrible idea to get micro-blading done while breastfeeding. Due to the risk of an infection from the procedure, babies can get infected by consuming the mother’s breast milk.

Was I disappointed by this surprising fact? Yes, I was, but I knew I had to cancel my micro-blading plans until after I had weaned entirely my baby.

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However, during my research, I discovered so much that I am sure you will find accommodating. As mothers we do need to look out for each other, so stick around, I’ve got some juicy teas to spill in regard to this topic.

breastfeeding mum

Is Microblading Safe While Breastfeeding?

No, micro-blading is not safe for breastfeeding mums. Unfortunately, it puts the baby at a high risk of infections since micro-blading is very popular for causing infections. Microbablading may not exactly be a tattoo but it is a form of tattoo that can infiltrate the bloodstream, there is a likelihood of this procedure triggering infections, especially when not hygienically done.

Breastfeeding mothers are strictly advised to steer clear of this procedure. The reason is that if a nursing mum does get a blood infection after micro-blading, she can pass it on to the baby while breastfeeding.

Aside from the risk of infections, chemicals from the pigments can also penetrate the bloodstream and cause more damage to the baby after consuming the mother’s breast milk.

Microblading Procedure: What To Expect

Let’s say I have first-hand experience with how this procedure is being done, and I can tell for a fact that it is not usually a walk in the pack especially if you have a low pain threshold.

But as my friend Sally would always say, beauty is pain, and at the end of the process, it is worth it.

Make sure to abort the mission if you are still breastfeeding or pregnant. That said, it is best to what to expect beforehand and mentally prepare yourself for the procedure. The following are steps taken during this process;

Step 1: Consultation

Here, you are expected to show up, so your artist can carefully examine your brows and determine what areas of the brow to start drawing from. You are advised to come for consultation with your brows made up, to give your artist a rough idea of how you would love your brows to look after the procedure.

Step 2: Mapping

Using measuring tools for accuracy and exactness, your artist would draw out a map of the shape your brow would take after the procedure. You will be shown and your opinion will be required. If you do like it then the artist will move to the next stage, but if you don’t adjustments can easily be made.

Step 3: Numbing

The strokes from the machine can hurt, so your artist will have to numb the brow area using a numbing cream. You might have to wait for about 45 minutes to 1 hour for the full numbing effect to kick in. Once your brows are fully numb then the procedure can properly commence.

Microblading While Breastfeeding

Step 4: Tattooing

The tattooing process starts after color mixing to find a suitable shade for your brow. The machine is used to draw semi-permanent lines. This is usually done in about 3 layers depending on the skin type and how fast the colors sink in.

The first layer is usually the most painful but trust me it is something you can handle so don’t fret, the skin around your brow is numb remember?

However, if you start feeling unbearable stinging pains along the line during the process, let your artist know so they can apply another coat of numbing cream and wait a little while before continuing.

Step 5: Aftercare Instructions

Your artist will provide aftercare ointments and an eyebrow brush to help you heal better and faster. You will be advised not to directly scratch your brows for about 24 – 48 hours to prevent infections, instead, you will be asked to use the brush in case your brows start itching.

You will also have to apply the ointments regularly to foster the brow area to heal properly always make sure to strictly follow the aftercare instructions to avoid complications such as infections.

Author’s Note: Now that you know what to expect during this procedure, make sure to note that breastfeeding mothers and expectant mom should not get microblding done due to the risk of infections. It is best suitable to wait it out until baby is completely weaned.

3 Reasons Why Nursing Mums Should Not Do Microblading

The risk of microblading outweighs the benefits when nursing. As an expectant mom, a nursing mother, or a mother in general, no one prepares you for the many sacrifices you will have to make for your little one and the many lifestyle changes that must be done.

From avoiding drinks and foods with alcohol to dumping undercooked eggs and meat as well as yummy treats like chocolate mousse, the list goes on and on. Microblading is one of many things to avoid while breastfeeding, you may wonder how come. Here are three reasons why;

1. Risk Of Infection

With micro-blading you will be exposing not just yourself but your baby as well to infections. When micro-blading is not done hygienically or professionally, the risk of infections such as Staphylococcus (staph), HIV, herpes, and Hepatitis B infiltrate into the mother’s bloodstream and eventually affect the breast milk the baby consumes.

2. Chemicals In The Numbing Cream And Pigments

There are chemicals in the numbing cream and pigments that can cause harm to your baby from suckling from your breast. The numbing cream and microblading pigments for example contain chemical agents such as epinephrine and other chemiharmful substances that can affect your baby’s health and well-being.

3. Pain And Discomfort

The truth is that microblading can cause a series of pain and discomfort both during and after the procedure. Breastfeeding moms, however, have a lot to deal with adding an extra cause of pain.

Author’s Note: To treat some of the infectyions that occurs after microblading, women will need to take medications such as antibiotics . Depending on the age of the baby, this medications are a big no no for breastfeeding mums. So its best to stay away from microblading for a few months till baby doesnt need to be breatfeed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get microblading while pregnant?

No, pregnant women should also keep off microblading as it also puts the growing fetus at risk of infections and can also trigger fetal tachycardia due to chemicals such as epinephrine.

Is it okay to go for microblading touch-up sessions while nursing?

No, it is not safe to go for a microblading touch while breastfeeding as well. Although the procedure does not require so many layers or pain unlike when it was initially done, there’s still the risk of chemicals and infections leeching into the bloodstream.

Can I get a tattoo while breastfeeding?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. As much as you might love to get your dream tattoos, while you are breastfeeding is not the best time to get it done. It is recommended to sit it out for a while until your baby doesn’t depend on you for nourishment or food.


There is no doubt about breastfeeding mums needing some self-care. Excessive hair loss which is one of the issues faced by many nursing moms, microblading may seem like the perfect makeup for the problem.

Trust me when I say I also felt hurt when I was advised not to get any form of microblading done. The brighter picture is that you are ensuring your baby’s safety which is worth it by far.

In a nutshell, it is best to stay away from all forms of permanent makeup, micro shading, micro pigmentation, micro-blading, and even tattoos as an expecting or breastfeeding mum. We’ve got this! I am rooting for us all.

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